Review Revue: Chris Stamey – Instant Excitement

chris stamey

Fact: Chris Stamey formed the dB’s with Peter Holsapple, but left the band after two albums. (Sub-fact: He does not appear on the dB’s album previously covered in this space.)

Fact: In 1984, Stamey released the 12″ EP Instant Excitement, animatedly discussed here, which is now out of print.

Fact: Stamey & Holsapple reunited in 1991 under their own names to release the album Mavericks.

Fact: In 1991, a young impressionable me happened to wander into Tower Records on Newbury St. in Boston as Holsapple and Stamey were setting up for an in-store performance. Despite not realizing they were (sort of) the “dB’s” I had heard referred to by They Might Be Giants, I was impressed enough that I scraped together my allowance money and bought a cassette, which they were kind enough to sign for me. (Sub-fact: They just released another duo album called Here and Now.)

Fact: I have thus always had a special place in my heart for Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple, as should you.

“Chris Stamey, the missing element in the current dB’s line up, has just released his second solo effort. Not as accessible as the dB’s but still worth your undivided attention. Note there is a cover of a John Lennon tune here — big fucking deal.”

“Actually, I like most of this, Mike. Must you cut down everything?”


“Mike — this is a class record, so — yes! It is a big fucking deal. I love it and I had it before you! And besides, Lennon is a genius and you have no right to cut him down!”

“Oh yeah Marsh? Well Einstein sucks eggs!! So there!”

“If Lennon was a genius, he would still be alive today.” [Classy!]

“On the subject of instant karma… familiarity breeds contempt. (But doing his own songs Chris S. is boss-o-rama.)”

“Or — if John Lennon was so GREAT how come he’s dead?”

“Pretty decent disc. Cool Lenin [sic] song.”

“Einstein could’ve kicked Lennon’s butt.”

“Getting old – 2-24-85.”

“Lennon is alive. I saw him in Safeway yesterday buying Tuna Helper.”

“Boy, did this album ever stir up some excitement!” [Indeed, it seems to have proved quite true to its title, and least for the KCMU crew.]

“What matters most is that ‘When We’re Alone’ is incredible. A fantastic mellow-out song. And I mean just fucking great!”

“‘Right?’ — anyone can cut down anybody they like. So… SHUT UP AND LISTEN.”



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