Review Revue: Jimi Hendrix – Radio One


Seattle has a funny relationship with Jimi Hendrix. We like to claim him as our own (I believe in the past his records were even in the local section at KEXP/KCMU), even though he didn’t seriously start his music career – never mind become the guitar-burning rock star we see in statues around the city – until he moved out of Seattle. But it is cool to look around and realize this is where he grew up, this is the city that helped shape him.

I’m guessing this special Seattle relationship with Hendrix explains why this collection of live studio recordings Jimi and The Experience recorded for the BBC in 1967 got so much attention at KCMU upon its release. Something tells me most college stations were not as interested in Hendrix in 1989. (Although, as you can see below, not everyone was happy with the amount of air time Jimi was getting.)

“Jimi rules! This album is so great. Not just some necrophiliac reissue rip-off — no!!! These are live, early tracks, & they RIP. Originals & a mass of pop & blues covers. Sound quality is up to Rykodisc’s beautifully high standards.”

“We’ve got so many great records in M. This should go in the behind ‘L’ section for some extended period.”

“H! H! H! H! This is better than any of the stuff in M.”


“The most important Hendrix release in a long time. I like the version of ‘Catfish Blues’ the best.”

“Would he release this if he was alive?”

“Give me a fucking break!”

“So the other day I was listening to KCMU in my car and this came on. I started switching back and forth between KCMU + KXRX + KISW + KZOK and found no difference… This be decent for archival reasons, but not rotational reasons. Or Take 2 – Can vinyl be recycled?”

“I second the vote for recycling… Hey Sebastian, do we have a bin for over-rated dead musicians whose stuff we already have too much of in the library? It ain’t M, that’s fer sure… Will we get hot about this when it comes on CD, too? Gee, can we? Huh, can we?”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted September 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm | Permalink

    20 years later it’s still tedious when stuff like this comes on the air at KEXP. Not much has changed since my original “so the other day…” comment.

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