Bumbershoot Music Lounge: Elvis Perkins in Dearland

photos by Jim Bennett
intro by Jason Kinnard

Another band we’re very excited to have performing in the Music Lounge, Elvis Perkins was in fact named after the King himself. A talented singer-songwriter in his own right, Perkins and his band In Dearland have released a great self-titled album this year as a follow-up to their 2007 debut Ash Wednesday.

Don’t write off the music as a traditional singer-songwriter combo either, this is a talented band of multi-instrumentalists playing really good music right now. Elvis Perkins In Dearland are definitely not cut from what you might call the typical folk mold; at least not appearance wise anyways. In fact, Perkins looks like he could be in an Indie Rock band if he didn’t happen to be playing acoustic guitar in front of great backing musicians like Brigham Brough (bass,vocals, saxophone), Wyndham Boylan-Garnett (organ, harmonium, trombone, guitar, vocals) and Nick Kinsey (drums, clarinet, vocals). With both a rock and classical guitar upbringing, Perkins keys in on a lot of different influences with his own musicwhich often draws comparisons to artists like Leonard Cohen and Buddy Holly. His songwriting is sincere but also heart-warming. Some of the pain he’s dealt with in his life is definitely reflective in his lyrics.

The band’s new material seems to be successful, especially since enlisting Sean Pecknold to direct a creepy video for one of their new songs, Chains, Chains, Chains. In addition to their newly released album, the band is set to release a new EP in October, Doomsday. The new material was inspired from the same Doomsday song that appeared on the Elvis Perkins in Dearland album (which could easily be considered one of the early contenders for album of the year). We are about to have a lot more Elvis Perkins fans in the house.

The band is currently on tour and is heading to Spain right after Bumbershoot. You can find more tour dates listed on their website or you can listen to more of their music on MySpace. But don’t miss their performance Saturday, September 5 from 7:45-8:30 p.m. at the Fisher Green Stage.

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