Bumbershoot Music Lounge: Holy Fuck

photos by Dan Muller
intro by Christy Thacker

The utterance “Holy Fuck” is reserved for only a few select situations: in instances of shock, awe or at a show of the experimental electronic band from Toronto, Canada.

Created by Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh as a “funny” side project, Holy Fuck and its members embarked on their musical quest with the simple notion of making new music with what they already had. The result was a drum set, bass guitar, analogue loop-pedals, a myriad of thrift store toy guitars and keyboards, a 35 mm film synchronizer, and unrehearsed, songless performances. Keyboardist Borcherdt threw out the now infamous name on the night before their first show. The rest of the band thought it would not only crack their friends up, but look “hilarious” on a flyer. But before long, the name stuck and there was no turning back — despite the obvious hindrances and controversy that was destined to come their way.

Aside to be being referred to as “Holy F” by radio DJ’s and journalists, and being canceled from several gigs due to obsenity laws, the band says the name hasn’t completely hampered their success. Instead, audiences seem to dig the raw and unpredictable experience of modern electronic music with a sequencer-free, laptopless twist. Although the band has been in metamorphosis since its formation in 2004, it still upholds its core: Borcherdt, keyboardist Walsh, bassist Matt McQuaid, and drummer Matt Schulz, with the occasional drummers Brad Kilpatrick, Loel Campbell.

And now, with the release of their more refined second album, LP, in 2007, the band is attracting a larger crowd. They created actual songs like the bassified “Milkshake” and orchestraly epic “Lovely Allen.”

Well, all I have to say is… holy fuck!

Holy Fuck is performing at the Broad Street Stage from 7:45 to 8:45 and rumor has it, they may stop by Neumo’s Official Bumbershoot After Party Sunday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m.

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  1. Posted September 7, 2009 at 12:21 am | Permalink

    Hey, that’s me in that crowd photo…great set.

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