Review Revue: Let’s Active – Cypress


Hello there everybody! For this week’s installment, let us go back twenty-damn-five years and across the nation, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A man named Mitch Easter, fresh from producing R.E.M.’s “Radio Free Europe” single, started a band and named it Let’s Active after a hilariously non-grammatical Japanese T-Shirt. Perhaps due to Easter’s impressive production credits and connections, they were quickly signed to IRS Records, and in 1984, they released their debut LP Cypress (apparently thinking enough of KCMU to send along a copy of the test pressing pre-release — though who knows where that ended up). And lo, the DJs rejoiced, complained, and proposed marriage to each other.

“You know what it sounds like (from the test pressing). Now you can look at the real cover. ‘Blue Line‘ was originally done by The Outskirts.”


“More whiny guitars…” “<------MORE WHINEY"

"Pardon me for expressing my opinion."

"I'm impressed."

"Mass Boss!"

"'Waters Part' - oh boy! This is very good."

"DC, you got good taste - 'Waters Part' is a truly classic pop song from a truly classic act. 'Lowdown' is great also. Whaddo you think, AL? (My pal)"


“Oh, marsh, I think it’s a smashing disc. I’ll problee even buy a copee for meself. Glad you like it to, will you marry me?”

“You’ll have to check with Jeanine.”

“Jeanine says ‘no.'”

“Oh well, maybe later.”

“Good good good.”


“I saw them in London — they opened for Echo & the Bunnymen + I liked them better almost.”

“Me too! But Echo blew ‘em off the stage – Mitch was cute though!”

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