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September is here and fall is in the air. As those of us who went to Bumbershoot nurse our inevitable colds, we are reminded that September means something else: back to school. Whether you are sending your progeny out to get uppity with their book learnin’, you’re lookin’ to get uppity with your own, or whether you wish you still had book learnin’ to get uppity about, we recommend the following shows to school your ears. Grab a number two pencil and get all this down!

9/12/09- Def Leppard/Poison, White River Amphitheatre: If you’re feeling perverse, nostalgic, or just really wanna know what is under Bret Michael’s bandana, this show might just the (nothin but a) good time you’re looking for. Experience the magic of “Talk Dirty to Me” under the stars. Marvel at the talents (no really, it’s impressive) of Def Lep’s one armed drummer. It will be a night to reminisce, to reacquaint, and to regurgitate (because you will probably be drinking heavily).

9/13/09- American Aquarium/Lindsay Fuller & The Cheap Dates/Barton Carroll, High Dive: These southern-fried indie rockers sound like what would happen if you made a rock and roll gumbo with Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Springsteen, and Son Volt. The result is a smooth and smoky, easy going sound to help bring you into your week real easy-like.

9/14/09- Super Happy Story Time Land/Deathmocracy/Aemaeth, Rendezvous: Prepare yourself for face-melting hardcore. Bring a mop.

9/15/09- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart/The Depreciation Guild/Cymbals Eat Guitars, Neumo’s: Precious and more indie than you can shake a self-crocheted PBR cozie at, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart hail from New York City and bring a sound that feels like what would happen if The Postal Service listened to more My Bloody Valentine or Jesus and Mary Chain.

9/16/09- Coldnote/Sunshine Junkies/Gifted Program, High Dive: This is some babymakin’ music, y’all. You can feel Coldnote’s music from the tips of your eyelashes down to your toenails. Lead singer Caine brings vocal elements of Robert Cray, Al Green, and Cee Lo to a tight, funky soul group with phenomenal instrumentation. This will be an unforgettable night of blues.

9/17/09- John Vanderslice/Pink Mountaintops, Crocodile: Playing music he himself has described as “sloppy hi-fi,” Vanderslice has collaborated with just about every indie darling in the industry, including Spoon. the Mountain Goats, and Okkervil River. His music is melodic, with a slight electric chill, perfect for the arrival of fall.

9/18/09- Girl Talk/Brother Reade/Junk Culture, Showbox SoDo: Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jay-Z and Radiohead made a weird, awesome baby? Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when you make an Elvis-y sandwich with Ludacris and Chicago? The answer- something far more interesting than Peter Cetera’s solo career. Prepare to get your mind blown by a man who can mix 300 songs you love and love to hate to make a bone breaking, ass shaking, sweaty frenzy.

In the eternal words of MC Hammer “Ring the bells, school’s in, sucka!”

“No, Mr. Gorgonchuk, I will NOT stop rocking in your classroom!”
Mary Kwatkosky-Lawlor (Imaginary Mimi)
*Three Imaginary Girls*

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(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest and beyond to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows, as well as record reviews, live show reviews, and an imagi-blog to entertain you throughout the day.)

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