REVERB Festival 2009 preview

Just when you finished recovering from Bumbershoot comes Seattle Weekly’s 4th annual local music extravaganza, REVERB Festival. This Saturday, October 3, over sixty artists, bands, and djs will take over the cobble stone streets of Ballard Avenue to blow out your brains with a wealth of musical spanning in genre and sound. A measly $7 for minors ($5 advance) and $10 for the rest of us ($8 advance) will give you access to 10 all ages and 21+ venues. Aside from rockin’ out, think of this as an opportunity to break away from the comfort of the tourist downtown and get to know the real Seattle.

Here is just a taste of what to expect at the almighty REVERB:

  • Visqueen (all-ages record release!) — 4:00 p.m.
    Venue: Salmon Bay Eagles (all-ages) 5216 20th Ave NW

    by Gregory A. Perez

    by Gregory A. Perez

    Power pop punk band Visqueen is no longer a little group struggling to survive in the rainy city. Named after a polyethylene film brand that Tom Ridge, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, recommended to use as a means of defense against bioterrorism, it’s no wonder the foursome has exploded into a rock n’ roll sensation. Rachael Flotard (guitar/vocals), Ben Hooker (drums), Tom Cummings (vocals) and new member Cristina Bautista (bass/vocals) of Connecticut Four have just released their third album, Message To Garcia, and are currently playing gigs in Seattle and Bellingham.

    Viqueen playing “Zirconium Gun” at the Sunset in Seattle
  • Erik Blood — 7:30 p.m.
    Venue: The Sunset 5433 Ballard Ave NW

    by Inger Klekacz

    Inger Klekacz

    Dreamy shoegazer Erik Blood started out a little rocky. He went from a 4-year-old thief, jacking 45s from his sister’s room as she slept, to a member and producer of Seattle band, the Turn-ons. Now, he’s making his own music and taking the indie world by storm. He’s currently chillin’ and playing music in the Seattle area (with an occasional Portland visit) performing his first solo album, The Way We Live.

    Erik Blood “Too Early Too Late”
  • Fresh Espresso — 3:30 p.m.
    Venue: New York Fashion Academy (all-ages) 5201 Ballard Ave NW

    by Chona Kasinger

    by Chona Kasinger

    Something is a brewin’ in the coffee capitol of the U.S. Fresh Espresso is grinding into Seattle’s hip hop scene with their funky grooves and fresh style. P Smoov (producer/composer/singer/rapper) and Rik Rude (MC) will charm you their debut album, Glamour.

    Fresh Espresso playing “Lazerbeams” live on KEXP
  • Tea Cozies — 8:00 p.m.
    Venue: The Bit 4818 17th Ave NW

    by Dan Schultz

    by Dan Schultz

    Britpop meets 60s psychedelic band the Tea Cozies is more than just a group named after a cute cloth that’s used to keep teapots warm in the UK. Although their still obscure to most, I believe Jessi Reed (guitar,/vocals), Brady Harvey (guitar/vocals/keys), Jeff Anderson (bass/ hand claps) and Kelly Viergutz ( percussion) will soon surface to the top of the indie scene with their new album, Hot Probs.

  • Champagne Champagne — 10:30 p.m.
    Venue: New York Fashion Academy (all-ages) 5201 Ballard Ave NW

    by Tyler Soverns

    by Tyler Soverns

    Champagne Champagne is not your average upcoming hipster-hop group. The trio of local musicians — DJ Gajamagic, Pearl Dragon and Thomas Gray — are unique in their own right, blending traditional beats with spacey electronic (think Deltron 3030) and dreamy instrumentals. Pick up their self-titled debut album.

    Champagne Champagne performing live at Bumbershoot

And now, the rest of the lineup:

The Sunset 5433 Ballard Ave NW

12:30 – Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground
11:30 – Coconut Coolouts
10:30 – Unnatural Helpers
9:30 – The Girls
8:30 – Final Spins
7:30 – Erik Blood
6:30 – Telepathic Liberation Army
5:30 – Born Anchors
4:30 – Katherine Hepburn’s Voice
3:30 – Little Cuts

Volterra 5411 Ballard Ave NW

10:00 – Los Volcanes
9:00 – Lushy
8:00 – Leif Totusek & Freestyle Candela
7:00 – Matt Jorgensen + 451
6:00 – Greta Matassa
5:00 – WMS Jazz Combo and String Ensemble

The Tractor Tavern 5213 Ballard Ave NW

12:00 – The Maldives
11:00 – Staxx Brothers
10:00 – Widower
9:00 – Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme
8:00 – Fences
7:00 – Raggedy Anns
6:00 – Brent Amaker & The Rodeo
5:00 – Southside
4:00 – Hallways

Ballard Loft 5105 Ballard Ave NW

10:00 – DJ Taco Supreme
6:00 – Trashy Trash DJs

Conor Byrne 5140 Ballard Ave NW

11:30 – Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs
10:30 – Barton Carroll
9:30 – Zera Marvel
7:30 – Kaylee Cole

The Bit 4818 17th Ave NW

12:00 – Midnight Idols
11:00 – Mobile Slaughter Unit
10:00 – The Keeper
9:00 – Redwood Plan
8:00 – Tea Cozies
7:00 – Levator
6:00 – The Basements

Hattie’s Hat (all-ages) 5231 Ballard Ave NW

10:30 – Hattie’s Hoot! featuring many special guests
9:30 – Rusty Willoughby
8:30 – Shenandoah Davis
7:30 – Shana Cleveland
6:30 – Lonesome Shack
5:30 – Lindsay Fuller
4:30 – Jet Sparks

New York Fashion Academy (all-ages) 5201 Ballard Ave NW

10:30 – Champagne Champagne
9:30 – Thee Satisfaction
8:30 – Fatal Lucciauno
7:30 – Spaceman
6:30 – SK
5:30 – GMK
4:30 – Grynch
3:30 – Fresh Espresso

Salmon Bay Eagles (all-ages) 5216 20th Ave NW

10:00 – Shook Ones
9:00 – Cute Lepers
8:00 – Thee Emergency
7:00 – The Lonely H
6:00 – Valis
5:00 – Wallpaper
4:00 – Visqueen (all- ages Record Release!)
3:00 – Recess Monkey

Mr. Spot’s Chai House (all-ages) 5463 Leary Ave NW

9:00 – Kore Ionz
8:00 – Heatwarmer
7:00 – Lady Drama

Make sure to check back about the lineup at Seattle Weekly before Saturday in the event of schedule changes.

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