Review Revue: Bob Dylan – Infidels


As you are no doubt aware, it’s pledge drive time here at KEXP. For those of you who have given what you can to support the station, thank you so much! We couldn’t do this without you.

And now I’m going to talk to the rest of you, those who are sitting it out, reading our blog and listening to our station and saying, “Hey, they’re doing all right, they don’t need my money.” Actually, I’m not going to talk to you, I’m going to let Bob Dylan talk to you. No, you know what? He doesn’t even need to talk… just look at him there, looking back at you with disdain through his sunglasses. You know what he thinks you are? An infidel! Do you really want to disappoint Bob like that? I didn’t think so. Now go pledge some dough, and Bob (and I) will forgive you.

“The Zim’s much heralded return from hailing the glories of a very popular savior (not Sri Chinmoy). This is old folks’ music — a good slice of it too.”

“‘Old folks’ music’? What does that mean?”

“Whatever I mean, it’s not derogatory in this case…”

“Amazing record. Play it lots, or else!”

“‘Neighborhood Bully.’ Dylan rocks out in his old style — great!”

“I like it too!”

“Go to your room.”

“You reggae fans (and your name is legion) should not miss Sly & Robbie’s presence.”

“I remember every review screaming about what a great ‘return to form’ this was. Some good cuts (i.e., ‘Jokerman’), but a lot of it’s pretty weak. Hasn’t been worth it since ’75 or so.”

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