Review Revue: Teenage Fanclub – A Catholic Education


Hey, did you know Teenage Fanclub was still a band? I didn’t, but it does indeed seem we have yet another entry in the “hey, they’re still making records” sub-category of Review Revue. A Catholic Education, the Scottish band’s debut LP, was released in 1990 (a few years after I’d left my own Catholic education), and they are currently at work on their 9th album, due out in January. The band is arguably best known for their third album, the Geffen debut Bandwagonesque, but let’s see what our friends at KCMU thought of these boy from Glasgow’s first release:

“Way cool. Remind me of the Jesus & Mary Chain. Not that they sound like them, but in that they’ve created a specific sound w/in the pot punk genre that is uniquely + distinctly them. My friends Mike + Katie say they’re awesome live.”

“& they have good taste, too!”

“Don’t ignore this! Cool, Byrds meets Dino Jr. Scottish buzz-pop.”

“Almost perfect crushed burnt orange guitar sound. Pure guitar blues seduction. Early psych furs w/out the disco bottom.” [I don’t think I’ve seen this person’s handwriting in RR before, but I think they’re my favorite KCMU reviewer to date.]

“This is way better than the Pixies rec in H; well, oh at least a little better. More deserving.” [All right, I take that back.]

“I could see H, too.”

“You’re on drugs!”

“Dino Jr. makes more & better amounts of noise with 3 people than TFC does with 5 — a little too flat for my taste.”

“Hate to say it, Dave, but I agree with you. I found this to be second-rate Dinosaur Jr., but I suppose I should give it two more spins.”

“I don’t think they’re trying to sound like Dino Jr. — much poppier & more melodic than that.”

“Some things are too straight-ahead trad-like.”

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