Review Revue: The A-Bones – The Life of Riley


Man, nothin’ gets you going for Halloween like a heaping dose of psychobilly, am I right? Yet another band that is still a band, The A-Bones just released Not Now! this summer. Of course by now they’re elder statesmen of crazy American music, but even by the time they released their first album, The Life of Riley, they were (in)famous to those in the know…

“This is a very special LP done by people who are cognoscenti when it comes to pre-1967 rock music. In general I hate the idea of revivalist music, but I can’t help but like music like this done with such authenticity & care. Incidentally, Miriam Linna used to be the drummer for the Cramps. In addition to being in the A-Bones, she’s partially responsible for one of the best magazines in the world: Kicks. I’m sure Girl Trouble, most of the bands currently existing on Crypt, and the Cramps (1991 version) wish they could have made this record.”

“Ripping 50’s style rock’n’roll with bushings [?] of Sonics style grungeyness. Some great sax + fab songs, this is a damn fine good time. Favourites – 1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-8, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-6. Definitely enough for an M.”

“Psycho-billy rollicking good time for one and all.”

“My idea of a good time! ‘El Ka-bong’ was the secret identity of cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw.”

“Quality stuff. If it’s all as good as what I’ve played, this could go to H.”

“Chicken and Beer!!!”

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