Three Imaginary Girls just end up walking in the cold November rain…

Built To Spill @ Capitol Hill Block Party (photo by Hilary Harris)

Built To Spill @ Capitol Hill Block Party (photo by Hilary Harris)

All jokes about Axl Rose’s awful cornrows aside, it’s wet. It’s cold. The desire to hole up, not unlike many of our small rodenty friends of the animal kingdom (except with books / TV, and hot toddies) is overwhelming, but fight it for one more week! You know where you can find warmth and heat, besides under your camouflage Snuggie? That’s right! A rock show! We here at Three Imaginary Girls have a few suggestions that may make you want to poke your heads out of your burrows one last time before Groundhog’s day! Scurry out in your scarves and rain gear and gather up bits of indie rock, classic rock, punk, rap, and soul before Old Man Winter sets in. Stuff your metaphoric cheeks with the likes of these tasty kernels:

11/13/09 – Darren Hanlon / Rose Melberg / The Special Places @ Fremont Abbey: Darren Hanlon comes from the land down under, where indie pop flows and amps thunder…Well, he may not offer you a Vegemite sandwich, but he will offer you clever lyrics, sweet vocals, and charm from the land of plenty. Rose Melburg (Tiger Trap, the Softies, solo work) and The Special Places join him to make a twee parfait that will make you feel warm and snuggly on a cold fall evening.

11/14/09 – Gin Betty/Spanish For 100/The Fuzz @ The Comet: If the rain is making you feel a bit low, Gin Betty might just reflect how you’re feeling right back at you. Whiskey drenched and soulful, the music of Gin Betty has a dreamy quality to it that will guarantee an audience of swayers with the same sleepy glaze of enjoyment smeared all over their faces.

11/15/09 – KISS @ Key Arena: Pledge your allegiance to the state of Rock and Roll with KISS! They are coming to Seattle Rock City! You gotta lose your minds to the classic sounds of the Star Child, the Catman, the Demon, and the Spaceman. The KISS Army wants you! Interesting KISS trivia: Gene Simmon’s real name is Chaim Witz and he was born in Israel. Admit it; your mind is blown too, isn’t it?

11/16/09 – Raphael Saadiq @ Showbox SoDo: Singer, songwriter, actor, video game developer, label owner, producer, is there nothing this smooth, handsome brother can’t do? Back to finish stoking the fire he started in many hearts at Bumbershoot, he will be filling the Showbox SoDo with his velvety voice and his old school R&B slow jams. Hopefully, everyone will be able to hear him over all the lovesick sighs…

11/17/09 – Girls @ Neumo’s: If Elvis Costello and the Cramps made a glittery lo-fi baby and gave it to the Jesus and Mary Chain to raise, Girls might be that baby. They’re a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and thankfully not at all like an Osmond.

11/18/09 – The Fiery Furnaces/Cryptacize/Dent May @ Chop Suey: The Fiery Furnaces are like that cool artsy kid that everyone knew and liked in high school. They talked to everyone, but didn’t belong to any one particular group. They were cool enough to not get trashcanned or beaten up for lunch money, but “too weird” to be prom queen or class president. The Fiery Furnaces are clever, blippy, fun, and a little all over the map. Makes you wonder- do they smoke clove cigarettes in oversized black cardigans behind the gym?

11/19/09 – Built To Spill/Disco Doom/Finn Riggins @ Showbox: Trying to encapsulate anything about this well-loved, highly respected band in this limited space seems an exercise in futility. Just imagine how cool you’ll sound to co-workers and friends when you say “I saw Built to Spill last night” instead of “Hey, that episode of the Office was really funny, huh?”

11/20/09 – “Girls Rock Benefit-Goodness/The Redwood Plan/Eighteen Individual Eyes/Alicia Dara @ High Dive: According to their mission statement, “Girls Rock! Seattle is a non-profit organization dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.” Nuff said. Embrace your inner Ginger Spice and be all about Girl Power! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want is for this show to sell out and these young ladies to be able to continue to find their inner Joan Jett (what I imagine the polar opposite of zig-ah-zig-ah-ing is). Viva la chica!

Later skaters — I’m gonna go wail on my axe out in front of a church, or maybe dive through a wedding cake.
Mary Kwatkosky-Lawlor (Imaginary Mimi)
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