Review Revue: Metallica – Garage Days Revisited


As you probably are aware, there is a new kid in town here at KEXP — and by “kid” I mean “radio show” and by “in town” I mean “airing on Saturday night.” It is called Seek & Destroy (which seems kind of an aggressive name to me, but hey, it takes all kinds), and I guess it “seeks” to “destroy” your eardrums with the infernal bludgeoning sounds of the music known as Heavy Metal (or sometimes just “Metal”).

In honor of this terrible racket, I thought it would be fun to share a classic metal album from our stacks: Metallica’s covers collection Garage Days Revisited. There’s a lot of good material here (and a lot of swearing), and what I know about Metallica is pretty much confined to what I learned from watching Some Kind of Monster (which, if you have not seen, you absolutely must), so I’m gonna let the KCMU guys take it from here:

“All songs are real good. A-2 is a little dragging. B-3 is 2 misfits songs that are hot. 2nd one is very fast + tight. The ending is a very sloppy off-key beginning of Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills.’ All songs sound like nothing this group would write, but they give them all the Metallica Treatment. ‘The Wait’ is recorded a lot like the original Killing Joke version. Voice synth and all. Play lots!”

“P.S. Please move it to at least medium. My request to the gods. It rocks way too much to be stuck in L. Come on DJs! Dig for it + play!”

“Calm down Todd.”


“(And thanx for moving it up.)”

“(And, and, and…)”


“Covers — all of them! Including: Budgie, Killing Joke, Misfits, and more. Recorded in 6 days.”


“If everyone likes this so much — why is it always in the front?” [This must be a reference to records being taken out of the front of their respective rotation boxes when played, then slotted in the back — a record that was always at the front wouldn’t be getting much love.]

“Fuck trends, fuck petty bickering — this ROCKS! ‘Nuff said. (After the trends ‘n’ stuff are over, it’ll still rock.)”

“Hey. Hey hey hey. I’ve liked ‘em since ’84. So there.”

“Gotta fill those quotas.”

“Lighten up, willya?”

“Crunch Factor 6.5 just so you can tell your friends.”

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