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Boys Life

It seems the band name “Boys Life” will mean different things to you depending on where and when you grew up. For hardcore/emo kids who came of age in the 90s, of course, it refers to the band that “sprang out of the post-hardcore scene” in Kansas City and went on to birth such bands as Canyon, The Farewell Bend, and Lullaby for the Working Class. For older rockers from Boston, it refers to this particular band, which apparently most of the rest of the country has forgotten (they don’t show up on, or even in the Wikipedia ‘Boys Life’ disambiguation!). They were young! They were from Malden! They had a saxophone! For all these reasons, though I didn’t know of them at the time, they are now near and dear to my heart. (I’m from Somerville! I used to be young, and when I was I played the saxophone!) Let’s see what those jaded souls at KCMU thought of these rockin’ squirts back when their debut record came into the station in 1983:

“Rocking Roll… sometimes garage-like… sometimes very poppy.”

“These guys are very young, from Boston, and produced by The Cars’ David Robinson. Good stuff!”

“Very cool. Very new wave rock.”

“Great stuff!”

“This is no ‘clone’ band — what a relief!”

“I ‘agree’ with PH.”

“The guy on the back — in the upper left hand concert looks like every high school kid I’ve ever seen. Hmmmmm.”


“In ref. to Katie’s observation: dull world, eh?”

“‘Happy People’ — Dark + moody song.”

“I really like this.”

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