Review Revue: Ashwin Batish – Sitar Power

Ashwin Batish

In the days of KCMU past, so-called “World Music” was by no means exempt from conflicting opinions, and Ashwin Batish‘s Sitar Power is a great example. The son of a renowned performer and composer of North Indian music, Batish and his dad formed the Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts in the Monterey Bay area, and this album was his attempt to bring together Eastern and Western styles. At the time of the comments here, Sitar Power was in heavy rotation at KCMU:

“Well, Howdy… Like it says — Fusion of Rock & Indian Music. This is fine music with blends well with everything. TRUST ME!

“‘Casbah Shuffle’ makes my day!”

“It never becomes redundant the whole way through. Really wonderful + kinda fun(ny)!”

“Yuk! Sounds like commercial raga.”

“Innovative & varied with an Indian flavor. Great stuff!!!”

“This is pretty nifty peachy keen $$$.”

“But… ‘Enough’ is just that. Move down.” [i.e. out of heavy rotation]

“This is really BS — wonder why it’s in the front of the H. Catch a clue.”

“F–K OFF, PW.”

“F-, Don’t you think “F@$&” OFF” is a little harsh?”

“That’s F–K off, in CAPS. Let’s quote accurately.”

“His father taught George Harrison to play the sitar.”

“I really like this. It’s almost at the point of being pretty darn cheesy but I really like it. Really pretty good.”

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  1. Posted January 2, 2010 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    Dear friends,

    I have always loved and appreciated your NPR and alternative nature as it has given this country a voice to artists that are struggling across this great land.

    I have a problem with this articles bold use of the four letter word in this article. In trying to express the wildness of emotions my music seemed to have created in your station’s DJs, there seems to be an oversight into the fact that my young children (4 – 12 years of age) who are starting to come online, might read this content and get a eye full of such adult language.

    Ashwin Batish

  2. Andy Boyd
    Posted January 7, 2010 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    I remember struggling to locate this record when I first heard it. I had to ultimately order it directly from the artist by mail order.

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