Review Revue: Nirvana – Sliver 7″


Sure, most of us first heard the song “Sliver” when it was released on Incesticide in 1992, but it was actually quite a successful single in its own right in 1990. (It even has its own Wikipedia page! And a video! Not bad for a song recorded in one hour while another band was taking a break from the studio.) Hey, that was 20 years ago now… now that Bleach has gotten the 20th anniversary reissue treatment, will we be seeing a 20th anniversary “Sliver” 7″ reissue this year? Get on it, Sub Pop!

And now, confession time: I’m going to be quite honest here and admit that, as much as I know and love this song (and have for 17 or so years), I had no idea — or at least had forgotten — it was called ‘Sliver.” (I guess I figured it was called “Gramma Take Me Home” or something?) If I had been cool and gotten the 7″ in 1990, I probably would have been on top of that information, but I’m just not very good at remembering song titles. So sue me.

“Finally! Something new from NIrvana. But it’s not Beat Happening + Vaselines covers like Sub Pop was advertising for a while. but that doesn’t matter because ‘Sliver’ + ‘Dive’ both rock quite nicely. ‘Sliver’ is more catchy + poppy than ‘Dive,’ which has a more grungy feel to it. There is even a wake up call courtesy of Jonathan Poneman on the end of ‘Sliver.’ Hopefully they will have another LP or EP out soon ’cause they have been playing some other new songsl ive that soung great! But this is a great way to pass the time waiting.”

“Hard to imagine a song sounding better than ‘Sliver.'”

“Could ‘Sliver’ be a true childcare horror story? Check it out!”

“Sounds like some oral gratification on the phone. What would Grandpa Joe think?”

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  1. Eddie
    Posted January 8, 2010 at 5:38 am | Permalink

    Silver!! Really??? Wow does time fly. I miss the 90’s music! What is scary is that now that it is 2010 it will be two decades agos!!!

  2. Teresa
    Posted January 11, 2010 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    Sliver was one of my favorites from Nirvana. I am glad they are re-issuing some of the stuff but at the same time it pisses me off. This isn’t just for Nirvana either, i think the re-issueing is a waste. Unless they put something new on there, then there’s no point.

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