Three Imaginary Girls are, not unlike Europe, doing the final countdown

With the end of a year and a decade behind us, we at Three Imaginary Girls have been waxing a bit nostalgic for our favorite albums and bands. As you know, we are ladies (and gentlemen) of impeccable class and taste, and though on the average none of us are of a singular mind on any one particular group, we can all seem to agree on a few bands. It is no surprise we pledge our allegiance to Pacific Northwest bands, and it shows in our lists!

Our top 5 local bands are not only groups we showcase on our site on a fairly regular basis, but also bands that Seattle as a whole seem to be big fans of. If you get an opportunity to see them play live, DO IT. They need love like LL Cool J, both real and Imaginary…

In no particular order:




iji- Full disclosure: it should be noted iji features our very own and beloved Keenan Dowers (this is not a shameless plug, since she did not include her own band in her faves list)

Throw Me the Statue

I must also add 2 Honorary Mentions, Akimbo and the Whore Moans, bands I discovered in 2009 that I would be remiss not to mention, as they were my favorite acts at Bumbershoot and bands I actively seek out when they play live. They are NOT “sparkly indie pop,” but worthy of your supplication, adoration, and any other –aition you may have in your arsenal, especially if you have a hankerin for lead singers always tottering on the edge of laryngitis.
Go forth and seek these bands out, as well as our picks for this week. You might just discover one of our 2010 faves:

1/9/10: The Sins/Focuspoint, Showbox- If these 4 words don’t pique your interest, maybe you should consider a night of pinochle at the Senior Center: Goths with electric violins. They have a bassist named Fish Jones! C’mon!

1/10/10: Dengue Fever/Lushy/DJ Darek Mazzone, Neumo’s- Dengue Fever is like a fresh breath of awesome in a weary world. A little tropical, a little bluesy, they’re hip, they’re swank, and they’re playing with Lushy!

1/11/10: Big Spiders Back/Cars & Trains/Universal Studios Florida, Chop Suey- If robots made out, this would be the perfect soundtrack! This sounds like 7 Minutes in Heaven for R2D2.

1/12/10: Hot Handed God Of Cops/7 Year Old Blind Girl/Fool The Magician, Comet- There is no better way to describe them than the way they have done so themselves on their MySpace page: “Einstein and Freud took a shit on a guitar, and then proceeded to beat each other to death with an abacus.” It’s not a stretch. These guys will liquefy you!

1/13/10: Hockey, Vera- The young rock and rollers love em, you will too. They are a hodgepodge, as Alec Trabek might say- a little rock, a little soul, a little electronica, and a lot of fun.

1/14/10: The Ghosts Project/Nathaniel Johnstone/Adrian H & The Wounds/Soriah, Rendezvous – This music is spectral, haunting, and captivating. It has an element of Thom Yorke minus Radiohead plus gypsy violins.

1/15/10: A Whiskey A Dance A Fight & A Kiss Goodnight/Samurai Bow/Christina Cramer, Shanty Tavern: They are quoted as saying “You probably wont ever see us in a big venue or hear us on the radio, it is what we decided, but you can always hear us on a front porch, in a living room or around a camp fire.” No truer words were spoken. They are meant to be seen somewhere where you can feel the person behind you breathing on the back of your head. They are the type of band that will silence an audience.

I apologize profusely for the Europe reference,
Mary Kwatkosky-Lawlor (Imaginary Mimi)
*Three Imaginary Girls*

In high i-pod rotation:
The Lonely Forest
Allison Weiss

(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest and beyond to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows, as well as record reviews, live show reviews, and an imagi-blog to entertain you throughout the day.)

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