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o positive

This week’s installment of Review Revue is another bit of nostalgic indulgence for this Boston boy; I hope you don’t mind.

O Positive is one of the many, many late 80’s college-rock bands to make the leap to a major in the alt-crush of the early 90s, only to find nationwide recognition elusive, at best. I became a fan around when this EP came out — I’m guessing after seeing them at one of those big rock shows our local rock station (WBCN, RIP) put on every once in a while, though I can’t be sure. Maybe I heard them on one or another of our local college stations? Anyway, their pleasing brand of slightly left-of-center pop was pleasing to my young ears, and I do remember owning this particular record (one Trouser Press calls “a horrible sophomore effort,” ah well). This album doesn’t seem to exist online in any of the usual venues, but you can hear one tune over on YouTube.

I do still get a thrill seeing some of the albums I enjoyed as a young man in Boston sitting in the KEXP stacks, 3000 miles away, and being able to read what the DJs then thought about them — even if it’s not particularly flattering.

“Nice unobtrusive pop. I like it.”

Very nice. I’d like it if they made it big.”

“‘Talk About Love’ is cheese whiz. Very disappointed after what I’ve read about these guys. Why do so many Boston bands seem to be so overrated?”

“Probably due to the influence of Boston Rock hyping these bands up. (But I like it.)”

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  1. Paul
    Posted March 13, 2010 at 5:51 am | Permalink

    I found an old box of cassette tapes this week (March 2010). One was a mix that I had made in 1989 from the vinyl records from my campus radio station (WHRW Binghamton, NY). There was no track listing so I had no choice but to listen to what was on it. Among the rarities was “Talk About Love” – I had not heard this tune in nearly 20 years, and went online to learn more and found this review. The descriptions “unobtrusive pop” and “cheese whiz” nail it. But still it’s a decent tune, and a nice bit of nostalgia.

  2. Stutz
    Posted June 16, 2011 at 6:55 pm | Permalink

    O Positive were a terrible, awful band. For Boston Rock/Eighties kicks, check out the Sex Execs!

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