Sound and Vision: A video roundup

I’m DJ Sharlese and I’ve decided to put together a monthly Blog post that contains videos I’m into and add in my highly intelligent commentary. I’ll come up with themes and find old and new videos to show so please enjoy and feel free to send me your suggestions at

Dan Deacon – Woof Woof
This one is weird, but its also pretty funny. Let me know if you want to make a bet after you watch it.

Islands – No You Don’t
no, you don’t… and you shouldn’t! …but you kinda want to anyway. Features Michael Cera!

These New Puritans – We Want War
Beautifully epic made video for an epic song. These New Puritans record is due out on Domino in March and I can’t wait. So I watch this video a lot.

The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa
I love Ezra’s smooth dance walk, the boombox and the dancing ladies! I dedicate this video to Cheryl Waters whom I’d like to reenact this whole video with.

Rainbow Bridge – Big Wave Rider
The images fit to the lyrics of the song perfectly. So much fun and memorable to watch. Hurry up Summer!

The Drums – I Felt Stupid
Do boys still show off for girls? Well if they don’t, they should… and then dance later!

Boat – 100 Calorie Man
Stop animation or kitties? I’ll take both please! Oh, I love Boat.

Hey Marseilles – From A Terrace
I’ve been asking my friends if they want to see something perfect. So, do you want to see something perfect? Watch this lovely video :)

Dark Time Sunshine – Doom/Go Team/The Wrong Kids
Great, GREAT video for 3 combined awesome songs and with tons of local luv. The shots in this video are fantastic and I also love the lyrics.

Beach House – Silver Soul
This song is sexy enough, but while I was watching the video, I actually felt like I was in SEX education… Silver Experience!

The Sea and Cake – Sound and Vision
This is how my head works sometimes.

Honorable Mention of the Month

Mum – Sing Along
#1 – Mum written in fire is hot.
#2 – Playing with a dead deer that you found floating from the sky… and he sings… that’s hot too.
#3 – Dying from accidentally hammering your thumb, not hot
#4 – Burning the already dead dear, pretty hot… in temperature of course!

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