Review Revue: The Jazz Butcher – Condition Blue (or, “We all have off days”)


Yes indeed, we all have off days. The KCMU consensus seems to have been that Condition Blue was one such day for The Jazz Butcher. Me, I’m having a very on day and unfortunately don’t have much time to come up with the delightful introductory prose I usually do, so please just look at the nice picture and read the sad, thoughtful words. Catch you next week!

“Very antiseptic British pop music. Not even teens would swoon wo this. Either JB has run out of inspiration/testosterone or this band had only 1 LP’s worth of talent. Probably both. ‘Harlan’ is sappy + pretty, but it’s really long. ‘Honey’ is OK too, but the lyrics describe the pathetic state of a 30-something woman-turned-couch-potato. finally! I wonder why Shirley MacLaine has become an inspiration for songs. (See also first MC 900 [ft. Jesus] LP). The Jazz Butcher may be a hit with an older, hip crowd. There are some cool sounds here — but little intensity or real emotion. Recommend L.”

“Hate to say it, but I more or less agree. Pretty bland + samey, espec. Side 1. (Side 2 picks up a little.) Maybe it will grow on me (I didn’t like ‘Cult of the Basement’ at first, but it ended up as one of my favorite records of the year), but I kind of doubt it. Maybe he rushed this one a little. Far too mellow for my tastes. Oh well, we all have off days.

“Oh, reviewer above — the JBC has 8 or 9 records not 2. Look in library. Exquisite stuff.

“But hey, ‘Shirley’ is cool.”

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