Review Revue: The Minutemen – Project: Mersh

Project Mersh

Sometimes the stuff DJs write on record covers is very informative, and can really tell us a lot about the band or album in question, or at least give an insightful glimpse into those bygone days.  Sometimes, however, they latch onto a misunderstood word in the title of an album and turn it into a long inside joke that makes sense to pretty much no one.

The Minutemen’s Project: Mersh was following the long tradition of pretending to cash in and/or sell out, and/or making fun of cashing in and/or selling out  (See: The Who Sell Out, Bongwater’s The Big Sell-Out).  The albums on this song are not exactly pop by most standards, but they’re certainly more accessible than their classic Double Nickels on the Dime… hence the title Project Mersh — “Mersh,” as one of our more helpful commenters below explained, being slang for “Commercial.”  I have no idea who Marsh is, though, so I can’t really help with that.

“They be back again… well I dunno about ‘hit songs,’ but these are more, uh, pop?  I guess.  Cool references to BOC, and it says ‘peace in Central American please!’ on the inner side one groove.  45!!! too!”  Oh yeah, a Steppenwolf cover too!”

“Is that ‘Mersh’ or ‘Marsh’?”

“Inquiring minds want to know…”

“Has nothing to do with marsh, as far as I know…”

“Project Marsh: In which Minutemen ditch their former personnaes [sic] and resort to Marsh’s fave music: Pop.”

“Wow!  Check out ‘More Spiel.”  Holy shit!”

“By the way, Muggs, don’t you EVER spell ‘Marsh’ with a ‘C’ again!”

“‘Mersh’ means ‘commercial’ in San Pedro vernacular.”

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