Spring Membership Drive: Keep the Rock In Your Heart

King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade live on KEXP from The Triple Door
photo by Christopher Nelson

I’m Québécoise by heritage (well, half of me is, anyway). I took years and years of French in middle and high school. Our teacher, Madam Lervick, had survived the Nazi occupation and her father was a doctor who had been forced to slither through ditches to treat patients. She absolutely could not deal with the impertinence of American teenagers — especially me, who’d pronounce bourgeois — “borg -ee-oh-see “.

I was in Alsace-Lorraine for one day and ALL the bells were ringing in ALL the churches, and tears were streaming down my face, and I felt like I was home. I traveled in French West Africa for a month, loving the crazy scents of roasting food, the street and other oddities. And the DRUMS, oh the drumming… oh, oh, oh, the drumming! I danced… everywhere there was dancing! Everyone danced, everywhere, every day. There was dancing!

I spoke French to my people, my homies, when I visited these places.

That did not work out so well.

I was told by a tall, gorgeous Senegalese woman, “You speak French horribly.” She said it in English, as though I may not understand it in French. And I said, “I know, I’m sorry,” in English.

But, I was in love, I WAS IN LOVE! And I needed to tell them.

When an email comes into KEXP from a listener who doesn’t normally speak English, I am so proud of them. It takes bravery to feel so strongly about something that you want to share it with the people you feel closest to, in the moment, even if you have to hope to the high heavens that you can simulate your feelings in another tongue, and the people you want to have a human connection with are 8,000 miles away. It’s a big deal.

So, when we got this email, last night, from Matthieu, I got teary-eyed and laughed. But, he is connecting with us! He’s connecting with all of us, everywhere! It’s about something that’s so important to all of us. Matthieu reaffirmed so much for me. Thanks, Matthieu.

Ok now it’s about 3:00 a.m. here ( maybe 6 p.m. in Seattle ) and I’m back from my drunk punk night in France, and I’m happy to have a answer from you !

I made a donation about 20$, it’s not a lot because I don’t have a lot of money, but I want, no, I mean, I believe in KEXP. YEAH! Really! It’s not a lot of money, but I REALLY LOVE YOUR STATION. Keep the way your do your thing. I LOVE IT. Great music ! Greats things ! Real community ALL OVER THE WORLD. France’s radios are so boring you know, I discovered something really different in KEXP.
That’s just it.

I plan to quit France & go to Seattle to work & trip a lot this year. It would be great to meet the radio’s people, to meet people and not just a name. Let me know about that.

Keep the rock in your heart, like KEXP makes for me every day.


I wish he’d quit France after I’m there in 2011, because I’d really like to hang with him on his home turf. And, thanks, Matthieu, for keeping the rock in YOUR heart and POWERING KEXP! You can, too, here!

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