Spring Membership Drive: KEXP Powers Our Lives

I Power KEXP

We’ve heard so many inspiring stories all week long about why you power KEXP! Heartfelt testimonials from around the world have been pouring in, telling us just how much the music matters.

Karin on Capitol Hill writes: “Music powers my life. If I’m not listening to KEXP its safe to say I’m listening to the daily podcast or some amazing band that I was introduced to by KEXP. I love everything KEXP stands for. Keep it up! You’ve created a lifetime supporter.”

Jessica in Santa Monica, California says: “I Power KEXP because… after living in Seattle for 14 years, I simply couldn’t stop listening to good music just because I relocated out of state. Tuning in to KEXP every day, despite residing 1,000 miles away from where it’s broadcast, makes me feel more at home in my new home.”

Darby in Mobile, Alabama writes: “Over the past three years I have lived in the Midwest, East Coast, and now the Gulf Coast. When my other basic needs are constantly unfamiliar, KEXP is the one thing that I can pull up online and feel connected to a familiar place.”

Meredith in Indianola: “Mornings are hard for me. At 6:00 am I feel so relieved when I hear the “John in the Morning Jingle.” KEXP is like a bonus cup of coffee — helping me to step out of the shower and face the day. ”

… and an anonymous donor in Seattle writes that he’s powering KEXP to “impress a girl”!

Everyone has their reason for powering KEXP… what’s yours?

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