Song of the Day: Head Like a Kite – Let’s Start It All Again + EXTREME INTERVIEW

Head Like a Kite at the Seattle Center Fun Forest

Head Like a Kite at the Fun Forest
photos by Leigh Bezezekoff

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Each and every Friday we offer songs by local artists. Today’s selection, featured on the Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, is “Let’s Start It All Again” by Head Like a Kite (and featuring Asya of Smoosh) on their self-released album Dreams Suspend Night.

Head Like a Kite – Let’s Start It All Again (MP3)

Having had the good fortune to interview Head Like a Kite’s Dave Enimo and Trent Moorman on previous occasions, I decided that it was in fact time for an EXTREME INTERVIEW with Head Like a Kite so we trotted off to Seattle Center’s Fun Forest where we recorded their thoughts on porn, hot dogs, and of course the new album all whilst spinning, maneuvering bumper cars, air-pump rifles, and midway games. Unfortunately being new to world of vlogging, and due to technological problems (my Droid sucks), some of the footage was lost or unusable (including a very funny video of us on the bumper cars where I unprofessionally giggle madly throughout the entire ride).

Here’s why:

Nothing could be a more appropriate and impressive start to Head Like a Kite’s third full-length release than the lead track “Let’s Start It All Again.” The song features Smoosh’s Asya whose heavenly vocals make a sublime contrast to the party anthems that are going on behind her.

Dave Einmo

Dave Einmo

Trent: How did you work with Asya on that song? She’s in Sweden!

Dave: Asya has worked on several Head Like a Kite songs in the past and we’ve become pretty good friends. Originally when I wrote that song I was singing it and so I went through a couple of tracks and it was sounding, actually pretty good. She was coming over to guest on another song “Thorns of Glory” and while she was there I asked if she wanted to add a couple of vocals on this song. So I gave her the lyrics and she sang on it and it sounded great. I was like ‘she’s going to have to become the lead vocalist on this song.’ So we nicked it and it totally cooked.

Trent: So she was not in Sweden?

Dave: She was not in Sweden at the time. She was not quite a Swede.

Trent tries to win a prize

Trent tries to win a prize

Like previous efforts, this album is choc full of guest vocalists and musicians who are as welcome as house party goers with coolers in hand. Boom Bip, Her Space Holiday, Tilson from the Saturday Knights, Graig Markel, Terri Tarrantula, Trentalage, and more contribute to these tightly crafted party anthems that are sure to be on high iPod rotation all summer.

Dave: So Trent, what’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Trent: I would have to say the Batman TV show theme, you know (singing) ‘da da da da da Batman!’ I like to go to various places like the Library Café and I play it and envision myself defending good. What about you Dave?

Dave: Well it’s funny you mention that, I have the Wonder Woman theme…

Trent: Whoa, I almost lost my cheese dog…

Dave: I have the Wonder Woman theme song which I grew up with (singing) ‘Wonder Woman!’

Trent: Whoa

Dave: People often wonder how we keep the party going night after night while on tour. What do you say our secret is?

Trent: Cheese dogs. Pretty much all day and all night. Even on spinning carnival rides. (We were on the Rockin’ Tugboat at this point).

Dave: I think it’s all perspective. If we’re having a good time it translates to the audience. Head Like a Kite shows are always a party and we try to bring that party each time we play just by having fun with them. These kinds of things help too, I must admit. Doing stuff like this helps too.

Trent: And Guarana.

Dave: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you while on tour?

Trent: Um, well that time you shat in your pants.

Trent & Dave at Seattle Center

Trent & Dave at Seattle Center

Head Like a Kite will be live on KEXP next Friday May 21st at 9:30am as part of our Hood to Hood event in West Seattle at Easy Street Records. Their album release party (and it will be a party) is later that night with Daedelus at Neumos. They will also be embarking on a West Coast tour in June. For a complete list of dates, check out their website or MySpace page.

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