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Born Anchors

photo by Kyle Johnson

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Each and every Friday we offer songs by local artists. Today’s featured selection is “Matter of Taste” by Born Anchors from their sophomore full-length Colorize the Grey available from Steer Clear Music.

Born Anchors – Matter of Taste (MP3)

As we wrap up the Summer Pledge Drive, we’ve heard from countless listeners, volunteers, and other members of the community about what KEXP means to them and why it’s so important to show YOUR support for the station where the music matters. One reason I personally donate my time and money is that KEXP is dedicated to giving a voice to the local artists from OUR community. Each and every Friday, KEXP DJs spotlight a Pacific NW artist as part of the Song of the Day podcast subscription. I love that KEXP is such a strong supporter of local music of all genres. It’s great for me as a listener and challenging for me as a writer to be able talk about such diverse musical styles, I love it!

Today we look at the second release from Born Anchors. Frontman, Jason Parker has this to say about KEXP:

“KEXP is the single most important supporter of Born Anchors. From our first EP 2 years ago, the station has helped get our music out not only locally, but nationally as well. Playing the KEXP BBQ in 2009 was such a great experience we feel lucky to be part of their community.

I personally listen thoughout the day and donated this year for this pledge drive. KEXP has been a constant in my life since the KCMU days in the 90’s.”-Jason Parker of Born Anchors

Today’s Song of the Day podcast brings you the first track off this local band’s sophomore effort Colorize the Grey which many fans will note a bit of a departure from last year’s fuzz drenched power pop album Sprezzatura. While they may have left such a discernable genre behind, they still retain a lot of the same elements that made their debut so great. “Matter of Taste” is more expansive sonically than the fast paced “Cascading” or “In Disguise” from last year’s album but it still brings a level of intensity that has become characteristic from this band.

Born Anchor’s lead singer/songwriter took a few minutes to give us a glimpse into what it took to make Colorize the Grey.

Last time we talked, you mentioned that your songs are mostly autobiographical, did you draw from personal experiences again on Colorize the Grey?

I wrote the majority of the subject matter based around the transition from a pretty negative head space evolving onto a positive one. Not very punk rock, but I wasn’t feeling very punk rock either.
Life around me was generally taking a change for the better so I got determined to concentrate on that. I didn’t have a need to complain about this or that, so I thought it would be fun to dive into something different.

What’s your typical songwriting process? At what point do you bring in Justin and Gregory?

We started writing this album before Sprezzatura was even released. “Matter of Taste” was the 1st song we started working on when we got out of the studio. Collectively we felt we wanted to slow down our pace and focus on creating space in the songs for each element to be heard. Plus, we all wanted our live show to be less aggressive sounding and be able to introduce some more classic elements in our music.

For this album, I had a handful of ideas we started working with to set the tone for the album.
We turned our volume down and slowed our tempos and concentrated of the space between all the notes and vocals. It was pretty natural when we took the songs from one person demos to full band songs. I pay close attention to where the other guy’s strengths are and try to capitalize on that.

Does performing the song night after night make you relive what originally inspired you?

If it’s a good show then it helps a lot. I think this record come across live much better than the last. We wrote it with the live show in mind and finding where we all were comfortable outside of the studio.

What’s the story behind “Matter of Taste?

This song kinda kicks off the vibe lyrically and musically for the album.

The song is about transition and not knowing where you fit in. We kept looking to make the music as “classic” as we could. More than anything I wanted to be able to listen to these songs in 10 years and it still makes sense and they don’t sit inside of some hip sub genre of rock. I wasn’t too concerned with being cutting edge or catering to a scene. So is that good or bad? It’s a matter of taste I suppose.

Is Colorize the Grey going to be digital only or are you doing physical copies at some point too?

The album will be released on vinyl and digital. We are asking for fans to pre-order the album through Kickstarter to help raise money to press the vinyl. We also have a few options for people on there depending on how much they would like to help. For $150 we’ll come play your house party!

We also have some limited edition 7” for sale at our upcoming shows. Both have a B-side that won’t be on the record.

Thanks Jason, we wish you the best of luck with that!

You can catch Jason and co. at the Vera Project on June 19th or at Bumbershoot’s EMP Sky Church stage on Sept 4th and pick up one of those limited edition singles. Keep an eye on their MySpace page or website for more details.

In the meantime, here’s Born Anchors performing “Cascading” at last year’s KEXP BBQ

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