Summer Membership Drive 2010: YOU Power KEXP!

photo by Christopher Nelson

photo by Christopher Nelson

All week long, we’ve heard why you power KEXP: because the unique mix of music gets you through your commute; because you’ve come to depend on the DJs to help you discover new music; because you hear music on KEXP that you don’t hear anywhere else. Heartfelt testimonials have been pouring in from around the world, telling us just how much the music matters.

Marcus in Bristol, UK, writes: “I just donated for the first time! I’ve discovered so much music by listening to KEXP, even loads of great British music, which you pick up before the stations in the UK do. KEXP is a shining beacon of what radio should be about!”

Kelly in Capitol Hill writes: “I grew up in Alaska before the days of the internet, and I had no idea good new music existed until I moved south and found KEXP. Each day I listen to KEXP is like hearing music for the first time, and I find something new to love every day.”

Vivek in Vienna writes: “I’ve been homesick for America since I moved over to Europe, and even with the time difference, KEXP is reliable, ever-creative, comfort to me. I’ve never donated to a public radio station before, but there was no hesitation to make it happen this time.”

…and Jan in Montreal sums it up well: “KEXP powers me! Great music empowers –- and I find more of it on KEXP than anywhere else.”

Everyone has their reason for powering KEXP… what’s yours?

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  1. Thomas Murphy
    Posted June 11, 2010 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Listening to KEXP allows me to say, when asked by out-of-towners, that I know “what Seattle’s all about”: it proves that the minds and ears of Seattle are ready for anything. As long as it’s about talent, excitement and a new way of appreciating what’s hip, it’s about KEXP.

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