Hey Marseilles Tour Blog: Day 3

photos and updates by Hayley Young

Day 3: Kevin Wan, a former resident of Seattle, is waiting to greet us as we enter the front steps of his Davis restaurant/venue Sophia’s Thai Kitchen. Wan, having opened the place in recent years, has done his part to introduce his new hometown to many a Northwest band. Directing us to the private dining room in the back, we take off our shoes and attempt to squeeze into the cozy space of pillows and coffee tables in preparation for a hot meal before the show.

Our server arrives with our drinks and proceeds to take a shot in our honor. He shortly returns with another, and another. It seems clear that tonight will be a special type of awesome.

Loch Lomond, revolving as headliners throughout the tour, are opening tonight. The patio on which they are set to play is packed, with an overflow of spectators spilling off onto the sidewalk of the busy college town street. The audience’s reception is excited and the atmosphere of the evening rapidly grows to “fuck yeah.”

Hey Marseilles follows their lead and an energetic set ensues, as numbers of curious passer Byers stop in their tracks to see what the fuss is about.

After the show, it is decided that we will take advantage of the slew of housing options from the many newly established HM fans. We bounce from one house to another, and another until the evening ends with a collection of us here and there, with the last of us crashing in the van. Thank god for the giant beanbag and the public park across the street, offering relief from a full bladder come morning.

After we are reunited, it is decided that today we will begin the first of a seven series video project intended to document the tour. The concept is involved and has already fallen behind with our acclimation to traveling and timelines.

Matt Bishop is the first victim. We locate a serene field of crops and dusty roads. It is here the first of 7 individual tracks will be recorded/video taped. The sun is hot and the process is working itself out. Kobernik offers music relief with his electronic Casio as Ward, Richey and Anderson troubleshoot the logistics of recording in a windy field.

Eventually, an acceptable solution is implemented and Bishop is singing to a crop of lettuce and alfalfa. His fellow band members are lined up just out of frame, serving as wind guards to the small microphone wrapped in a t-shirt.

Calling it a wrap, the van pulls back onto the 80 and within an hour we are in San Francisco.

Hotwire has done it again. Hotel Kabuki is located in the heart of Japantown and has gifted us with incredible views from our 14th floor balcony. The romance of this metropolis fills the air, seducing the lot of us with timeless architecture, human diversity and sunny skies. After showers and food, we will head to Hotel Utah for load in. Although weary from the night before, we will soon find that tonight will be a great success.

Much love, San Francisco.

Shows remaining:

Tuesday, 6/15 @ Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara CA
Thursday, 6/17 @ The Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles CA
Friday, 6/25 @ The Harbor Steps, Seattle, WA
Tuesday, 6/29 @ Sonic Boom, Ballard, WA

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  1. Cory Verellen
    Posted June 16, 2010 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    I’m impressed by your pictures of pictures. They’re turning out really well! Hope you have enough film, and see you Friday!

  2. Marita Bishop
    Posted June 16, 2010 at 5:06 pm | Permalink

    I’m waiting for Day 4 and 5 to show up…..didn’t hear about the San Fran show on Day 3…you must be very busy!

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