Hey Marseilles Tour Blog: Day 7

photos and updates by Hayley Young

Day 7: Santa Barbara, continued.

I am awake and blogging. It is 8am. Sam Anderson, Philip Kobernik, Jacob Anderson and Nick Ward have promised to be up and ready for filming by 9. Around 8:30 my phone alerts me of a text. It is Sam. They are up and ready to go. I love this band.

Sam had met a woman the night before who recommended a few location options. The train station is too narrow. The theater is unavailable. Santa Barbara’s post office is a large 19th century building. It’s interior of marble walls and deep hallways suits the project. The people behind the counter are open to the noise. By 9:30am we have our 4th take.

We scatter in celebration, Richey and Patrick Brannon will do laundry. Philip and Nick and Sam will go to Goodwill. Jacob, Matt and I will have lunch on State Street and then head to the beach. Later, the majority of Hey Marseilles will experience Frisbee Golf for the first time. Bishop and I are met on the beach by Loch Lomond. Richie Young will threaten to swim in the harbor, despite his bandmates’ warnings. He will run to the water line, consider his options, and return to us untouched.

Later, we enjoy 2 for 1 margaritas. With talk of Karaoke in our near future, I bid everyone a due and head back to the hotel to post yesterday’s content on the blog.

Patrick Brannon is standing on a traffic island at the base of Santa Barbara’s boardwalk. As tourists and locals take notice of his melodica and trumpet, we are recording our 5th take. Only 2 to go.

Loch Lomond will never make it to Karaoke. Neither will Hey Marseilles. It has been a long time since any of us have spent a day in the sun and our collective energy has been sucked out. The hotel has a stock of beach cruisers. Richey, Ward, Bishop, Jacob Anderson, Nelson Barnard and I ride them downtown for dinner. Later they will take the bikes to the bar we visited the night before while I retreat, again, to the hotel room to prepare the images and files from the day.

When we wake up, it will be the last day of tour. With no time to waste, we will film Kobernik in the giant Catholic church down the street from our hotel. The sound will be amazing. So amazing that we will shoot Bishop here as well. As Sam and I record video and Nick mans the audio, Matt will sing a solo rendition of “Rio” to an otherwise empty house. The keeper of the church will take interest. Coming out from his office in the back, he will join us behind the camera to watch Bishop’s performance.

As we pack up, Kobernik will enter the church with his Casio. There will be a dance party.

Back on the road. Next stop, Los Angeles.

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