Hey Marseilles Tour Blog: Day 8

photos and updates by Hayley Young

Day 8: Los Angeles

There is a giant food truck backing itself into the venue through a loading dock. In the front of The Bootleg Theater, the bands have set up their gear for the show. In the rear, a theater group is preparing for their own performance that will take place before Hey Marseilles goes on at 10pm. While theater goers enter the venue, we are out back in the alley video taping our last shot.

With our final take in hand, a flood of relief hits as I carry my bags back into the green room. It is here that I spend the next two hours backing all the files up before my flight to NYC. Tonight, Sam and I will not sleep. Instead we will take a cab to LAX at 5am with little time to get through security and on our separate airplanes. We will be in JFK by 3pm eastern time to join Damien Jurado and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground who are in the middle of a cross country tour.

After the show, members of both bands will collect outside around a large wooden patio table. It’s too soon for this to be over. Tomorrow, Loch Lomond and select members of Hey Marseilles will begin their trek back up I-5 to get home before Monday. For now, last minute social ties are tightened and plans for future contacts are in the works. As a final farewell effort, we get our dance on.

As Loch Lomond’s white cargo van leaves the driveway, we are walking back to our chariot that will take us to sleep (or lack thereof).

As the plane takes off, I will finally get my own rest. While unwinding in preparation for my nap, I will challenge my memory to recapture the weeks events, in hopes of solidifying them into the long term.

Having the opportunity to experience Hey Marseilles in this intimate fashion has left me with incredibly high hopes for them professionally. Talent, skill and dick jokes aside, their respect and willingness to explore projects and collaboration points to a quality of character ideal for the work they have in store for them.

Next stop, Brooklyn. I will walk across the Williamsburg Bridge tonight after the 4am bar call. While sipping on my tallboy wrapped in a brown paper bag, the song Cafe Lights will be playing in my head. A welcome end to an amazing week.

I heart Hey Marseilles.

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