Damien Jurado with Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground on the road

photos and updates by Hayley Young

Sam Anderson and I are waiting outside Delta Terminal 3 at JFK Airport. Thomas Hunter, having spent the early morning visiting Long Island is now en route with the Kay Kay van to pick us up. From here, he will take us through the streets of New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood to the venue of tonight’s show. Kay Kay has been in this van for over two weeks, stretching across the northern longitude of the US for what has become half of this tour’s scheduled dates.

Each night opens with Kay Kay’s nine touring members, and concludes with the core of them supporting Jurado as he plays the entire collection of songs from his newest release, Saint Bartlett, from front to back.

Tonight, while Damien and Sara (his lovely wife/tour manager) are packing up to drive south for tomorrow’s show, Hey Marseilles’ Matt Bishop and Loch Lomond’s Ritchie Young are coincidentally performing covers of Jurado’s “Yuma, AZ” to a private party in Portland, OR.

Two Degrees.

Tomorrow, in Philadelphia, we will be romanced. Philadelphia is a town that still puts their own versions of garbage cans out for pick up, opposed to our city issued canisters. It is hospitable, straight-faced and incredibly interesting to look at.

The show will have a curfew. Jill Scott, returning home from a large tour, and has booked the venue for a private party. With an early show, comes an early end and much opportunity for drinking. It will not go to waste. The area we will stay in will be crawling with prospective college freshman and their curious parents come tomorrow morning. They will smile as they pass us packing our van, smoking and sipping our coffee in a slight fog from the night before.

The following day we will arrive in D.C. Thanks to an obscene amount of toll booths and the bad timing of rush hour, we will get a good look at our nations capitol through the sweltering heat of our Ford Econovan. Joining the Jurado’s in the coolness of the covered patio behind the venue, we will enjoy a rare opportunity to socialize in peace and comfort. A man will come out to where we are perched and set up an old 19 inch television. Secured on a bar stool, it will broadcast old episodes of The Cosby‘s and Cheers for the rest of the evening.

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