Thursday Music News Jamboree

  • Masters of lustfully minimalist music, The XX, were recently awarded the Barclaycard Mercury Prize. Industry insiders from the UK and Ireland convened to decided which LP was the masterpiece of the year and the band’s debut self-titled released earned them the titled plus £20,000. Check out more details over at Stereogum.

  • Sufjan Stevens keeps pulling out surprise after surprise. A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, he released the All Delighted People EP and then shortly after that made the announcement for his upcoming album The Age of Adz. Now Mr. Stevens has released a free downloaded from the album for the song “Too Much” on his account. Check out this obscure electronic track right here.
  • It is often joked about that if you can’t make it in the music business you can become a wedding singer. Well, Band of Horses seem to be doing pretty well for themselves yet they and they played for a couples wedding in Norway just a few days ago. The couple apparently was engaged at a Band of Horses show and the band happened to be in town at the time of the ceremony. From the looks of it, they one-upped Adam Sandler. Watch the band perform “Mary Song” at the wedding in the video below.

  • Menomena has put out a half-hour mp3 titled “Magitchat” which is a compilation of beats and loops from the bands jam sessions, compiled by a program called Deeler which band member Brent Knopf created in college. It is odd to say the least. Don’t expect laid back or poppy tunes. The song goes from clammer and noise to soft piano and weird effects. You can download the mp3 via Pitchfork here.
  • Dirty Projectors have released a stripped-down acoustic version of “Temecula Sunrise” which will be featured on the Bitte Orca Expanded Edition. The mp3 is available over at Stereogum, or right here!
  • Surfer Blood gave a great performance at Bumbershoot booth on the Broad Street Stage and our very own KEXP Music Lounge and now the band has new music video out so you can enjoy watching them whenever you want. If only television was the way Surfer Blood interprets it in this video. Sigh…

  • Rivers Cuomo has been building up his street cred more and more lately. We first saw glimpses of this when he had Lil Wayne featured on “I Can’t Stop Partying” on the Raditude album, but not Cuomo is being featured in a new song/video by rapper B.O.B. on the track “Magic.” Rivers, keep on spittin’ on the mic.

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