Live Review: Delorean @ Bumbershoot 9/5

photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Sunday 7.30pm
Broad Street Stage

Delorean have been peddling their time-traveling (hey!) brand of live dancey synthy handclappy breakbeat since 2001. There was absolutely no reason to use the adjective ‘time-traveling’ in the previous sentence, I just wanted to get at least one Back To The Future reference out of the way early.

There’s no denying that the Barcelona band clearly love what they do. From the moment the four-piece come on stage, heads are nodding, elbows are jerking, shoulders are grooving and knees are bending endlessly to the music.

photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

The music is breezy, sunshine-drenched, lighter-than-air, break-heavy dance; what Royksopp might sound more like if they’d grown up in the Balearics instead of Norway.

photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Vocalist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi, clad in a light blue-gray t-shirt and jeans, doesn’t add much by way of greetings and introductions in between songs. “Thank you very much” and “You seem very nice, very great” are about all we hear from him when he’s not singing.

photo by James Bailey

However the energy of the Bumbershoot crowd is amazing. All songs top ten minutes in length tonight but everyone is too busy grooving to the unceasing kicks, toms and snares of Delorean’s live drums to be looking at their watches.

Favorites “Stay Close,” “Seasun” and “Deli” have the ever-increasing crowd waving their hands in the air and smiling like they were dancing on an Ibiza beach that they just realized was created completely out of sugar.

photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

And there was a definite Bumbershoot moment towards the end of the show. With the sun slipping behind the Seattle horizon and dusk descending on the city, the stage is bathed in liquid orange from the set lights and dreamy synths wash in and out of the ears of everyone in the audience as the Space Needle glows in the background. Beauty.

photo by James Bailey

High: Keyboardist Unai Lazcano pumping his right leg up and down so furiously in time with the music you’d think he was inflating a giant invisible air mattress. Kudos to you sir and your commitment to aerobic exercise and invisible air mattress inflation while performing.

Low: Delorean’s casually sunny sound really doesn’t change dramatically over the course of their set, tonight or ever. You may not have any tempo, instrument, or costume changes like you would at, say, a Basement Jaxx show, but if you like one song from this band then you’re guaranteed to like them all.

In a Tweet: Euphoric, sunburnt, dreamy melodic dance that will have your ears, knees and mouth all smiling and looking for the next bus to Barcelona.

Did you see the glorious Delorean play live at Bumbershoot this year? What was your highlight? Bonus points for an answer entirely written in local Barcelona slang. Let KEXP know in the Comments section below!

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