Fall 2010 Membership Drive: Sharing a Love of Music

The Berkes' point of view
photo by Maggie Berkes

This week, some of our loyal donors tell us why they power KEXP. Today, Maggie Berkes shares her family’s story:

I don’t remember the first year I donated to KEXP. I do know it was still called KCMU back then, and my kids were pretty small. Then, as now, I wanted to show my support for independent music, delivered commercial free.

Thanks to DJs who get to play what they please, we share with our children a love of bands like Blue Scholars, Cave Singers, Sigur Ros, the Long Winters, Arcade Fire, Mountain Goats, Fleet Foxes, Cloud Cult, the Decemberists and many, many others.

Today, we include KEXP in our charitable giving every year. As a regular listener, I have come to rely on the station to provide me with great music, new and old and maybe just new-to-me. I love how much my children and I learn about new music and about music from all over the world just by listening to the radio. I want everyone to be able to share in that. I also know that with a roster of something like 700 volunteers to call upon, KEXP leverages my donation to the fullest. And I know that KEXP can’t do what it does without its volunteers and donors.

We have taught our kids that if there are things in the community that you care about, you take care of them. This has translated for us in many ways, including spending a day in the park picking up litter, registering to vote as soon as you are old enough and participating in the democratic process, and donating to non-profits that make a difference for us. We have lived in other cities, and we’re certain that KEXP is an important part of what makes Seattle special. Seattle is a city of musicians and music lovers, and our three kids are among them.

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