Review Revue: Lida Husik – Your Bag

Why in the world doesn’t Lida Husik have a Wikipedia entry? True, after releasing an album almost every year of the 90s she pretty much took the last decade off, but if this second album generated the amount of gushing you’re about to read here at KCMU, she certainly warrants an entry in the old digital encyclopedia. Somebody get on that! Especially since, according to the news section on her website, she recently started recording her 10th album! I can’t wait to hear the arguments about where and for how long it should be in rotation when it finally comes out.

“Alright!! Back to M. Yeay! Thanx.”

“… and about wanting that last one for a xmas present, well you can forgit it. I went out and bought ‘em both myself with my own money.”

“The last time (8/10) I played ‘Whirlybird’ I got 4 calls, listeners are loving it too!”

“‘Your Bag’ reminds me of Chris & Cosey’s ‘Stolen Kisses.’ I love this record – even that techno/rave thing. 1 of my faves of the year.”

“Takes a while to sink in, but I like it. Reminds me a bit of Siouxsie + the Banshees in their moody era. This is another great example of an artist that would have gone unnoticed if not for KCMU.”

“It throws daggers at you – clean precision, penetrates thru the skin.”

“Lida scores another H??… cool cool cool…”

“Think she’s ever listened to VU?”

“If you can’t take it just say the word.”

“Back in H, please! Please! Please! 4 weeks is not nearly enough! I beseech you!”

“There aren’t enough songs of reasonable length, you crybaby! M, please.”

“Hey! The Hakmoun & Rudolph release only has 6 cuts – let’s be fair! If they’re 6-7 really strong cuts, I think H is just fine*. I think these 7 cuts are stronger than the larger # of cuts on her last release (except ‘Farmhouse,’ of course).
*Such releases shouldn’t stay in H as long, tho’, like the Kendra Smith.”

“Well Don, neither are there enough songs of ‘reasonable’ length on H. Hakmoun & Adam Rudolph. Phhhpt! H.”

“Yeah, OK!”

“THIS IS TRUE. A quality record such as this should not be denied our listeners, nor vice versa – BACK IN H!”

“As solid as Bozo. It’s not very different, so I can’t say if it’s better or worse. She’s just doing something cool, unique + worthwhile. I really like ‘Whirlybird,’ ‘Ship Going Down,’ + ‘The Match from Mars’ – a PSA against marijuana use set to Lida’s music. She raps on ‘Your Bag’ – turn some friends onto this they’ll love you. H!”

“Yes, it’s true!”

“Ditto. I speak from experience.”

“It’s good. When will I hear it again?”

“I think it’s a whole lot different than Bozo. She’s moving away from the standard Shimmy Disc sound: slow, darker, not as guitar-based. This is the perfect soundtrack to a vampire’s Sabbath. My favorites are ‘Whirlybird,’ ‘Candy Store,’ ‘The Match from Mars,’ ‘Marcel’ and the title track. Oh, ‘Ship Going Down’ is great, too. [Note: this writer has listed six of the seven songs on the album.]”

“‘High high high / it’s alright with me/my, my, my / that’s just what I need . . .”

“Great stuff. Zoom!”

“Well, I liked Bozo much better. This is good + shows talent, but I miss the simple, but brilliant guitar/bass/vocal work. Now, she’s added or incorporated a lot more studio, drum machine stuff. This hasn’t moved me the way Bozo did . . . at least not yet . . .”

“Repent, sinner!”


“Thank God for ‘Ship Going Down.'”

“I’m liking it better.”

“Sounds like repentence to me!”

“She’s a brilliant lyricist + vocalist!”

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