Review Revue: Love – Forever Changes

It’s a crying shame that Love doesn’t get the credit they deserve, musically or otherwise. Hell, Jimi Hendrix copped his “Wild Man of Borneo” style straight from Arthur Lee, who was donning similar psychedelic garb when Jimi was still backing blues bands on the Chitlin Circut. Love, and Arthur Lee in particular, were known for shooting themselves in the foot when it came to breaking through to the next level of fame and recognition. Lee refused to be anyone’s opening act, even Hendrix’s, and rarely left the confines of Los Angeles. He famously turned down an invitation to play at the Monterrey Pop Festival because he didn’t think it was worth going all the way up to the Bay Area, and, again, he couldn’t be guaranteed the headlining spot.

Despite Lee’s stubbornness, he was a one-of-a-kind genius, and his interracial psychedelic rock band might have been just a few years ahead of it’s time when they were frequenting hot spots around LA in the mid-sixties. To say they were under-appreciated or ahead of their time, however, isn’t to say they weren’t influential. In addition to influencing Hendrix’s wardrobe, Jimi decided it might be a good idea to put his own spin on a song Love had recorded in the early 60s called “Hey Joe.”

1967’s Forever Changes is Love’s groundbreaking magnum opus, full of beautiful psychedelic pop gems punctuated by melodious layers of horns, magnificent guitar work, and Lee’s poignant lyrics and otherworldly voice.

“This is coolness!”

“Are these guys current or an old 60’s band? — Damon Creed”

“Album released originally in 1968 — Jah B”

“1967, actually. Many psych-revival bands pick one group or style to ape”

“(Standells, C-Watchband, etc.) I have yet to hear any of them even try to cop Arthur Lee. Genius as shining as this can’t be copied.

2,1 is Johnny Mathis on LSD (no kidding!)

Amazing — JS”

“Good hangover-recovery music. Last 2 on side 2!

‘A hous is not a motel’
‘bummer in the summer'”

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    My goodness, that’s a rather embarrassing comment….

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