Seattle Music Scene’s New Year’s Resolutions: Pt. 2

Seattle is an intricate web of talented musicians, under-appreciated writers, behind the scenes game changers, unbelievable photographers, starving artists, and just your all-around lovable socialites. They make up the backbone of this city with their words, their art, their songs, and their public drunkenness. Their ambitions are ever-flowing, and their goals admirable. Here’s the people that make Seattle what it is. And these are their resolutions for 2011.

Victoria VanBruinisse, local photographer

I had an old boss tell me once that you’re a thousand times more likely to reach your goals if you set them to paper (I thought he was so wise, turns out it’s something michael jordan said a million years ago), and that’s always stuck with me — this year, we’re going the extra mile and getting a couple of like minded folk together on sunday, jan. 2nd to really do this shit. like, with whiteboards and everything. we’re going to treat our lives themselves like the creative projects we engage in, only on a massive scope (and crossed with a little bit of corporate project planning) to look at our goals over the next few years and what we can do to get there. there’s so much good stuff that goes on around here that it’s easy to do a lot but not make progress on a creative and/or professional level, you know? with all the amazingness and community support we’ve got — I think it’s just a matter of harnessing it and focusing the points on areas we want to shine a little brighter.

So, all that said — I’ve got lofty goals of a three year plan that ends in owning pretty much nothing but gear, being out of debt (which also means not needing a 9-to-5 to sustain), scaling back my already modest way of living (I don’t mean to sound like I think I’m a saint, ha. when I say modest I mean I don’t need much and what I do have is all secondhand and low maintenance, so that I can concentrate more on Being and Doing), being a better photographer with a more accomplished portfolio, having a designated / permanent art studio space, and catching a tour with some friends to go dig on Europe for a few months.

I haven’t really thought past that point, and the planning session we’ll be getting into on 1/2 will revolve around what needs to go in to those buckets to fill them up to the point of completion, with deadlines and starting points and plan Bs and Cs for all the factors that can come in — we’ll proactively address the shit that hits the fan and makes you want to give up. there’s all the little starting points and cool tiny things I want to maintain and grow too, like continuing to write and blog, continuing to participate in a decent-sized capacity for three imaginary girls, getting more efficient at turning around these smaller creative projects so that there’s room to take on even more of what I’m interested in.

Alex Maas of the Black Angels, part of the Light in the Attic roster

New years resolutions: drink less, exersize more, write a song a day, do more field work on the spirit molecule, talk to my family more, stop loosing things, spread the word about, be a better communicator, buy KEXP a new skull

Alicia Amiri, Marketing Manager at Neumos

i didn’t really have resolutions in mind, until a couple days ago when I watched a few David Bowie videos from when he was 26 (my age) during the Ziggy Stardust era. That period of his work is incredible. It’s grandiose and insane and those songs continue to blow my fucking mind. It just made me stop and realize that people, myself included, are capable of so much more than they aim for. Why do I settle for 3 chord, blown out guitar rock over and over when I should be satisfied by no less than a full movement from an alien orchestra. You know what I’m saying? That’s my 2011 resolution: manifest the alien orchestra.

Martin Feveyear, local record producer and mixer, Jupiter Studios

Not so much a resolution but more of a mantra that I’ve been adopting to help filter out some of the craziness of living. FORGET THE FUTURE.

Life is made up of a constant stream of NOW. If one is always planning for what’s coming up, looking for better things, the next month, the next year, the next break, the next band, the next relationship, you’ll never be content, you’ll be wishing your life away.

Nothing wrong with a little ambition, planning or hope. “Stop and smell the roses”, “look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves”- cliches yes, but they work to help me enjoy “what is” and not trade it for a vague “what could be”.

Traci Eggelston of (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) and video vixen

I, Traci Eggleston, resolve to make 2011 ten times better that 2010 by doing the following:

January: Harvest my own kombucha.
February: Begin a portrait series featuring my friend Donna.
March: Volunteer with Food Not Bombs.
April: Start jogging at Green Lake three times a week.
May: Take a PCC Cooks class.
June: Choreograph a dance production.
July: Jump off the highest diving board at “Cabo” a.k.a. Madison Park.
August: Rent a cat to snuggle and love.
September: Start a supper club.
October: Go to Goa, India to study yoga.
November: Learn how to hunt chanterelle mushrooms.
December: Attend the Christmas production at St. James Cathederal to see the 30 ft. puppet.

Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk, performed back-to-back years at Capitol Hill Block Party

My resolution is be able to shoot 75% from the free throw line by June.

Kate Tucker, local musician

To be resolute
To be bi-coastal
To love love love life
To listen to more new music
To learn to play more old music
To buy records only at Sonic Boom

Chris Kornelis, Music Editor of The Seattle Weekly

1. Make church a habit, not a bother. The reasons here are obvious. I’ve been extremely blessed in the last year, and I have done a poor job giving thanks.

2. Write more thank-you notes. In addition to being a mentor and exceptionally gifted journalist, Mark D. Fefer, the Weekly’s recently departed editor, is also a real mensch. He gave everyone champagne for Christmas the last couple years. My thank-you for the 2008 bottle was two years late. I still haven’t done my part for 2009. Shameful.

3. Improve my penmanship. See above.

4. See more shows on Mondays and Tuesdays. Without completely stealing the thunder from an upcoming John Roderick column, there is a world of music that exists in this town that we could be doing a much better job covering. The music that goes on between Monday night and Wednesday morning will be getting more time in the spotlight in our pages — online and in print — next year.

5. Find something nice to say about chamber pop. Hey, resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

Josh Powell, Program Director at the Vera Project

I’m going to learn music theory. Its kind of a tradition for me to incorporate something new into my life for my new years resolutions, rather than tackle what I see as a personal ‘failing.’

One year it was learn mandarin, one year it was learn to sing falsetto (that didn’t work out!), and this year it’s learn music theory.

I’ve studied music all my life, but since ending childhood piano lessons its been haphazard and scattered. As a Christmas gift my girlfriend researched a bunch of college music theory courses and designed a syllabus specifically for me and bought me all the textbooks!

Eric Anderson of Cataldo

Find a dog who’s willing to hang out without much commitment on my part.

Sam Mouser, Music Director at Rainy Dawg Radio

I’m going to learn more combos for my main character in Mortal Kombat. I’m going to listen to the Replacements more than anything else. I’m going to make a mixtape of “only slow jams” for someone special. I’m going to love and cherish my local college radio station.

I’m going to learn more combos for my main character in Mortal Kombat. I’m going to listen to the Replacements more than anything else. I’m going to make a mixtape of “only slow jams” for someone special. I’m going to love and cherish my local college radio station.

Kyla Fairchild, publisher of No Depression

My new years resolution is to get rid of stuff that I’ve been hanging onto for years, including a storage locker full of No Depression back issues. If what they say is true and print is dead, then I suppose it’s finally time to remove the corpse

Kyle Johnson, local photographer

In 2011 I will try to really embrace change. Sometimes I get too comfortable in my ways and turn down chances to try something different or go somewhere new. I’m planning on making the move to NYC to further my photography career and couldn’t be more excited to see what happens this year. I will also resolve to shoot more in studios than I did in 2010. Even though I will only be in Seattle for half of the year.

Wes Howerton, radio and marketing at Barsuk Records

My new years resolution is to enjoy the hell out of my new home in Austin, TX! I’ll sadly be leaving Seattle, WA around Feb 1st. It’s been one helluva 7 1/2 years. Seattle hasn’t seen the last of me though, I’m still working for Barsuk so I’ll be back often.

P Smoov of Mad Rad & Fresh Espresso

My new years resolution is to focus on the parts of my life that have less to do with “P Smoov” and more to do with “Peter”

Aaron Starkey of Spanish for 100 and Manager of Online Services at KEXP

1. Play as much guitar with as many new people as possible.
2. Sing.
3. Inspire.
4. And, find Marquee Moon on vinyl without going broke.

Davin Michael Stedman (DP Staxx) of the Staxx Brothers

Last year my resolution was to stop being technology’s bitch and make some proper multi-track demos. There is a certain sadness staring at zip lock bags full of micro tapes stuffed with great music ideas from 2005 that threaten to again spill their guts; gears screeching, eaten alive the minute I try to play them through that college relic. I’m not quite a 21st century man yet, but I’ve made honest strides towards living in the now.

Upon the honor of sharing my shortcomings with KEXP listeners, I asked my lovely singers The Staquelettes via text what their New Year’s Resolution was for 2011.

Seconds later they simultaneously texted back, “Partyin’ Worldwide”

The girls quest to Party Worldwide is currently on hold until at least Summer as our African comrade in The Staxx Brothers patiently awaits his Green Card. The girls simultaneously remembered this important detail and texted back, within milliseconds, a new resolution: to finish their band cookbook for the next Holla’ Day season.

Next I asked our guitar player, The Butcher to ghost write my resolution. He wrote:

“Resolve to send a bar of soap to all the innocent people at our shows who got sweat on.”

It’s a grand gesture, but that’s a lot of soap. We need to channel all of our available funds towards pressing our next album Jungle Cat on vinyl. We are also heavily, heavily in debt at this point because we purchased an entire cow for one of our release parties (it’s a long story, it’s a good story).

Then I thought “this is KEXP man, get your shit together.” This is the first time they’ve asked for my opinion on anything, I should be more community minded, more local, more independent. I should say my resolution is something dignified like going out to way more local shows and not asking to be another broke ass musician on the list. I’m talking about a real investment in my scene and my community. But to tell you the truth, just as I thought I resolved this issue and felt that swell of local pride any of us feel watching Macklemore’s ‘The Town’ video, I caught myself staring across the kitchen at a full gallon of milk my girlfriend had just brought home. You know the kind; so cold, but it’s sweating, beckoning me to her sweet porcelain non-organic lips. As I leaned into that sexy jug this is what became of my community oriented KEXP New Year’s resolution:

I resolve to drink a lot more milk. Not for the health benefit but for the sheer joy of indulging in that ol’ 2%. Maybe it was after Lauren Hoodenpyle, that Patsy Cline pin up goth-vegan-make up artist from on our zombie video told me how milk was naturally of a yellow pallor, less milk and more like 85% puss & blood mixed liberally with genetically modified Tyson chicken (only at the final stage bleached pearly white) that I knew my love for milk was unconditional. But at that moment it was a – tear your clothes off and slap me in the face because I like it – type of lust. And what kind of man was I going be to let things like (lactose) intolerance hold me back from my real passion. And at that moment, between tearing off the plastic seal with my teeth and disappearing at least a quart, I crossed the Rubicon:

This next year, I’m going to drink milk every damn day and twice every night. Because much like what drives musicians madly towards uncertain destiny, sometimes you’ve got to do what you love, despite of the consequences.

Jacquee Skurdal Sovereign, Promotions Director at

1. Reach my health goal
2. Get my hip replacement surgery
3. Have my companies 8 year anniversary celebration go smashingly well!
4. Go to more shows
5. Write for more blogs/magazines
6. Start a new semester online at Berklee College of Music to learn more about what I love: Music Business.

Matt Vaughan, owner of Easy Street Records

To turn the upstairs section of Easy Street West Seattle into an all vinyl heavenly paradise. Is this a good idea?

Andy Fitts of the David Bazan Band & Aqueduct

My goal for sure this year is to go yacht-boarding. You should check it out if you haven’t yet. It looks amazing!
Also-learn how to climb to the top of palm trees with just a rope.

Jenny Jimenez, local photographer

I’ve only made one resolution; ditch Bank of America. I’ve been with them for a long time and have never known a checking account without bogus fees and crap customer service. After asking around I opened an account at BECU and am super impressed so far. No bogus fees! They trust me!

Bekah Zietz, Publicity Coordinator at Sub Pop

My New Years Resolution has been the same for the past few years and that is “More Vices.” When people are spending the beginning of a New Year trying to commit to healthy living, I think it is important to keep any worthwhile goals from flourishing. Trust me, this is a way to a guiltless resolution.

Trevor Basset, local graphic designer

I resolve to eat more apples, pet more animals, and try not to get as mad at the fact that so many terrible Jennifer Aniston movies keep getting made.

Henry “Scribes” Kleaveland

2011… Scribes – “What Was Lost”… the year of my album… haha i don’t really know what else to say. u’ll see me…

Drake Jurado of Hoquiam

finish feature length film i’ve been working on, work on the next hoquiam album, make some music videos for local bands, convince my favorite local band The Dead Vampires to play a reunion show.

Kevin Sur, booker of Doe Bay Fest & Columbia City Theater

My New Years resolution is to make sure we have a bigger slip n’ slide at Doe Bay Fest this year

Jason Hughes, co-owner of Sonic Boom Records

I will try to be a good Dad and work less… and maybe get on the bike from time to time

Liz Riley, co-founder of Three Imaginary Girls

- Once the new Bright Eyes album releases in February 2011, I will limit my usage of fresh new Bright Eyes lyrics to one quote a day for the next 12 months.
– I will do everything in my power to make sure Allo Darlin return to Seattle in 2011 for another show.
– I will make make at least one entry a day to my list “Things I’m Most Thankful For.” {First item: Peanut Butter}

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  1. victoria
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 10:59 am | Permalink

    I’m also going to work on being more consistent with what I capitalize and what I don’t. thanks to laura musselman for the magical photo of me, ps! xoxo

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