Review Revue: The Best of House Music Vol. 1

The year was 1988. Until this time, our heroes at KCMU had been unaware (some might say blissfully so) of the phenomenon known as “House Music.” This ignorance was laid waste with the receipt of the 1st vinyl LP in a series known simply as The Best of House Music. Perhaps surprisingly, most of the KCMU natives were completely thrilled and seduced by these throbbing beats and “severe dance workouts,” their brains so addled by the overwhelming rhythms that they would often lose their train of thought and merely write the word “JACK” over and over. Of course, not everyone was having it.

“While I have been aware of ‘house music,’ this is my first real exposure to it. This is also the first disk we have had at KCMU. Take the time to read the notes on the back for a good intro to house. There are some severe dance workouts here. JACK! JACK! JACK!”


“Pick tracks: ‘Yes!'; ‘7 Ways'; ‘Let’s Work It Out'; Do It Properly'; ‘Shut Up'; ‘You Used to Hold Me'; ‘Shock-Master Dizzy Mr. Here’??”

“Jack! What else? Ya picked the cream, though I’d toss in ‘Jack Your Body.’ The rest is solid, except for ‘Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem),’ which is clearly subtitled incorrectly. Everybody Jack! (That means you too, Gooch).”

“My thang done swang!”

“A total dorm aphrodisiac — these songs are great — mostly the above mentioned. Blistering dance grooves. If this doesn’t make H I’ll have my feelings personally hurt. House is cool. Jack.”

“This is like bad disco done worse – I don’t understand. Is this the feared ‘Return of the 70s’?? H??????”

“No, the Village People’s comeback is the feared return.”

“Yes, H!”

“They’re coming back again?”

“I’d heard ‘house music’ and didn’t expect much. I was right. This is the kind of thing that makes rock people violently ill. Excuse me, I have to run to the bathroom. But one last note – disco still sucks.”

“From a guy who understands guitar/drums rock but nothing else in the entire musical universe. It’s a shame.”

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