Review Revue: Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – The World We Knew

Album covers like this — so covered in little white labels of praise and indignation that you can barely even see the artwork — are my holy grail when it comes to writing this column. There are even so many labels that someone went through and numbered them all, attempting to put them into some sequence. Unfortunately there are multiple people writing on each one, responding to who knows what, so it’s pretty much impossible to assign an order to them, but it was a good effort.

I knew nothing about Tav Falco or his Panther Burns upon pulling this record out of the stacks, and I don’t know much more now, except that he was from Memphis and granted free admission to people who came to his — noisy, somewhat crazy, yet hypnotic — shows wearing a diaper. What more could you really need to know?

“Better than the recent EP, meaning they have a better maracas player. A collection of covers of Sun, Stax, and other vintage R&B/blues/rockabilly. Alex Chilton produced and plays guitar on several cuts. Dig in.”

“SHOOT, why M? This is great! Well with perhaps one or two exceptions, but I’d bet that the Cramps would have loved to put this one out. The sound/feel comparisons seem kinda obvious. I think folks will go for this one. Let’s get behind it. H.”

“Pardon me while I turd. Check out the green dot lib to find stuff a zillion times better. Besides, they’re probably the records they listen to. Perhaps 1 or 2 exceptions.”

[Doodle that might be intended to evoke someone, um, turding.]

“Nice shot Creed!”

“If you can program this in the morn you can program Dry Lungs or Mr. M+M. Yes I’m venting my spleen.”

“Somehow I should have expected a comment like this from you, Shaun, after reading J.D.’s observation on the ‘X’ album!”

“Take a hike Muck. After listening to this LP in the prod room find this comparable to seeing 40 year old accountants play blues in smokey bars. And I’ve seen plenty of ‘em. So get off of your ivory tower that everything Alex Chilton touches is great; that everything on New Rose is great; and that this rehash attitude that exists among many musicians today is great. I don’t draw piles of shit to display artistic ability but rather to succinctly describe my well thought out opinion on this record. This applies equally well to the X record. See page 2 on this record [the “check out the green dot lib.” comment] to find another angle on my opinion. Ahhh… a clean spleen.”

“Not our fault.”

“In America, isn’t it nice that we’re all allowed to voice our opinions? Ahhh… Freedom Freedom!”

“Too bad it’s incorrect.”

“Dear Shawn, I feel silly having to spell this out for you, but you’ve been reading too much between the lines. Everything that Alex Chilton touches is not great. A lot of the stuff that comes out on New Rose isn’t worth playing twice. I like this record. Panther Burns seems to have brought out the gruff side of Chilton + produced a record I like on top of that. So there. Now put your wig back on + calm down. Gees, you don’t even have to be baited.”

“Quit pickin’ on Tim! He’s not a nose!”

“H Me!”

“H, why not? I’m hip…”


Hallelujah. Do the robot.”

H Why? -> Manic! -> Loud!”

“This is really mediocre.”

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  1. Eric Van Rysdam
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

    Played the hell out of this back in 1986 on my college radio station WCVF (which featured a young Jerry Drummond!). This album is fantastic!

  2. Some girl
    Posted February 4, 2011 at 4:38 am | Permalink

    Ah, The Antenna Club. Home to Panther Burns….back in the day.

  3. Damon Creed
    Posted February 13, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    ah to be young and full of an opinion. Guess I didn’t care for this record to much back then.

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