Spring Membership Drive: The KEXP Badge of Pride

With constant detours, dismantling of major thoroughfares, and ever-increasing traffic congestion, the chance to listen to the radio remains one of the few pleasures associated with driving in the city of Seattle. (Lake views are nice, too.) I do listen to KEXP all day long at the office, but there’s something about cruising in the car, turning up the volume to drown out my off-key singing that makes me indifferent to an inexplicably clogged highway on a Saturday afternoon.

The only thing better than hearing a great song pour through the speakers is pulling up to a stoplight, glancing at the car next to you, and recognizing that ubiquitous badge of music lovers, the bright-orange KEXP sticker. When I see that, I know there’s a good chance that the person in the car next to me is singing along to the same song, discovering new music literally right alongside me.

If you look closely at the stickers, you’ll see that there are a few versions out there. KEXP started issuing special “I Power KEXP” stickers especially for donors in 2009. Yesterday, on a trip to Costco to replenish the candy reserves for our Membership Drive volunteers, I saw a bumper display of a multi-year donor on a Camry in the parking lot. The driver had proudly affixed two stickers alongside each other, and I’d be willing to bet that the new 2011 sticker will round out the lineup. I can’t wait for the years to come, when we’ll see entire bumpers powered by KEXP!

Start the year off right. Your gift of any amount helps KEXP bring you the services you value, and you can add the new 2011 design to your “I Power” sticker lineup. Or, if you’ve never donated before, start your collection now! We KEXP donors stick together out there on the road, so make sure you properly identify yourself as a music-loving motorist by making your gift today.

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