Review Revue: Genesis P. Orridge and the Angels of Light – Je T’Aime

I don’t feel remotely qualified to attempt to sum up for you the career of the individual known as Genesis P. Orridge. Suffice it to say he was a member of two very influential bands — Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV — and had a very long, varied musical career before only very recently retiring from touring. There are many comprehensive sources on the world wide internet that will help you get a handle on his career.

In 1986 Orridge released this 12″ single, backed up by “The Angels of Light” (long before that band name came to represent Michael Gira’s post-Swans output), containing a lurid cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s classic “Je T’Aime . . . Moi Non Plus” (itself a pretty lurid song to begin with). I have to admit it’s hard to imagine this actually being played on the radio, but it sounds like some of the KCMU crew had no such compunctions. Though of course, as always, there were naysayers.

“This world is freaking out and Gensis P. Orridge bought his place at the front of the line long ago. I personally think this is very nice, but, well… that’s my problem. Like a T.G. record melding with an old V.U. record. P.S. I love you. P.P.S. Used to be in Throbbing Gristle.”

“Excellent material. Where does the line form?”

“Friend of mine calls this ‘polyester smut.’ Apropos.”

“Love your friends or die?”

“Love this smutty record or die!”

“A Psychic TV spin-off, from what I can figure out.”


“I never much cared for the pretentious whispers of Psychic TV.”

“Absolute & total shit.”

“Sometimes shit sounds good!”

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