Review Revue: The Chameleons – Script of the Bridge

I’m not gonna lie to you, Internet; I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I don’t really have much time to come up with historical perspective or witty interpretations, but I found you a record — the debut from Manchester’s Chameleons — with lots of DJ commentary, which will hopefully keep things interesting. It doesn’t save me any time, but it does save me brain space, which is lacking lately.

“IMPORT — first LP — melodic, but poppy in parts. For some reason the vocals remind me of the Cure.”

“Now available domestically on MCA — only 8 of the 12 cuts made it to the MCA album.”

“All cuts — nice cover art. (Thanks Reg.)”

“Thursday’s Child — a must for the fan. Yaga!”

“Amazing disc! Great representation of the 80s Liverpool [Liverpool, Manchester, whatever…] sound (a la Echo, Teardrop, Wah, etc.). May I recommend: ‘Thursday’s Child,’ ‘Up the Down Esc.,’ ‘Pleasure & Pain,’ & ‘Second Skin’… it’s all primoville.”

“H Please!”


“Well, Okay.”


“I miss Lori.”

“She misses you. Is this indeed the same Chameleons?”

“It’s the same guys who produced Echo & the B-Men and Teardrop Explodes. Pretty wild, huh?”


“Maybe you should sit down…”

“Ready for this Jon? They also play on and co-write various Echo/Teardrop records! Wow!”

“And David Palfe was even in Teardrop X-plodes! Ya-ga!”


“I think I’m losing my audience…”

“Actually, I don’t think this is the same Chameleons after all. In fact, I’m sure of it. Those Chameleons were Lori’s pals, these Chameleons are from God-knows-where…
-KO’E [He’s right. There was a Lori and the Chameleons that showed up on the Liverpool label Zoo Records in the late ’70s, along with the aforementioned Teardrop and Bunnymen; just a couple years later, these as far as I can tell completely unrelated Chameleons spawned just an hour’s drive away in Manchester.]
p.s. That’s King OEmbarrassment.”

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