Review Revue: The Clash – Combat Rock

I think there are few today who would argue that (ignoring Cut the Crap, as most seem to) The Clash went out on a strong note with 1982’s Combat Rock. To be honest, I was hoping that there would be a bit more of a lively debate on this one, but I guess by this point the punk purists had long been sifted out from the band’s fan base. There aren’t even any “White Dot!” warnings on “Rock the Casbah.” What I do enjoy on this record is that, despite the fact that there are only a few comments, they range from 1982 to 1993 to perhaps the early ’00s with a fresh-looking comment on the album’s legacy from “Abe.”

Which raises the question: why aren’t more of the current DJs continuing the conversation on these records? I would love to start pulling records out and find new bright white labels on them with comments from the current KEXPers, especially if they’re picking fights with some of the long-gone regulars from days past. Come on, guys. Just because it’s 2011 doesn’t mean you have to relegate your snarky opinions and pithy wit to the Internet.

“Should try to be more political & controversial.”

“& less disco.”

“This meant to be a racist comment?”

“I hope so.”

“Eleven years later and these guys are real. ’93.”

“This album changed my life. OK, I was only 15 when I got it, but DAMN! Too bad this was the last hurrah. Tired of A3&4 [“Should I Stay or Should I Go” & “Rock the Casbah”]? Try A5, B3, B6. [“Red Angel Dragnet,” “Sean Flynn,” Death Is a Star.”]”

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