Review Revue: The Fall – Extricate (LP)

As regular readers have probably noticed, the bulk of my pieces for this series have been about LPs. For various reasons (there are more LPs from the time when people had these conversations on album covers, there’s just more space on the album covers for such conversations, etc.) LPs are just more interesting. CD covers, however, are easier to reproduce in digital form (scanning versus positioning just so and snapping with a digital camera), so there was a while back in the early days where I would be in a pinch without a camera and scan a bunch of CD covers.

Such was the case when I wrote about the CD of The Fall’s album Extricate, and a certain regular reader took me to task: “There are so many Fall albums in the library there and you pick one with minimal comments. C’mon, give us one with some meat!” It took me a while (almost three years — yikes!), but I finally got back to digging through the Fall LPs to find one that would be a good addition. And what should I turn up with, but the LP copy of… Extricate! OK, I should have had better notes on what I’d already covered, but the fact remains that the DJs had a lot to say about this one (once prompted), and what the heck, it might be interesting to compare the notes on the CD with those on the record. Maybe I’ll come back in another few years with another Fall record, OK?

“Over 2 wks. & no one’s written on this. Do you not like it, if so please let me know! Thanks.”

“I haven’t listened much, so I haven’t written. But based on limited exposure, this strikes me as Fall quality + worth its H.”


“This is mighty fine! Much better than I expected from the sampler EP. Cut 1 rips off the Stooges, but to great effect. ‘Billi s Dead’ still disappoints me (kinda dull), but works well in the context of the LP. ‘Black Monk Theme Part 1′ is just great rock ‘n’ roll w/cool fuzz guitar. ‘Popcorn Double Feature,’ ‘Hilary,’ & ‘The Littlest Rebel’ are the ‘pop’ tunes. ‘Telephone Thing’ is still great funk/rock/dance intensity. More pop-oriented overall, but still deviously The Fall, & still intelligent & well-crafted. Play up!”

“… not available on vinyl…” [Not sure what this means?]

“Hilary!! Uh Huh.”

“1-2 skips”

“How they keep doing this I’ll never know. Delve into the CD and discover the great ‘Arms Control Poseur’ or the title track, ‘Extricate,’ it chugs right along. This LP will rule for quite a while.”

“Don’t miss the delicious extra CD too!!!” [Oh, maybe that’s we covered previously. How confusing.]

“I think it’s ready for M now.”

“The Fall is not stuck in any rut. This is musical variety unto itself. Excellent.”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted June 21, 2011 at 11:15 pm | Permalink

    “How dare you assume I want to parlez vous with you” sez Mark E. Smith in the fabulous “Telephone Thing.” And then when the hard boomin’ bass throb kicks in it’s unlike any dance track you’ve ever heard yet unmistakenly The Fall.

    A newcomer would be hard pressed to find a better entry point into the Fall than this album. The cd adds four excellent bonus tracks including the hilarious “British People In Hot Weather. Meanwhile, the tracks Black Monk Theme Part 1 & Black Monk Theme Part 2 were many KCMUers introduction to The Monks. Nicely repurposed cover versions there to go along with the borrowing of the Stooges’ Little Doll riff for Sing!Harpy, the leadoff track, itself a thinly veiled harangue at Smith’s ex-wife & former band member, Brix.

    Surprising for many Fall fans was “Bill Is Dead,” the bands first ballad and rather affecting it is. “Chicago, Now” features a sneaky and sinewy oboe(!) riff and stands strong among other similarly composed sprawling Fall songs as “Hip Priest” and “The Classical” both from Hex Enduction Hour, and “Paintwork” from This Nations Saving Grace.

    Lots of nuggets to find here as you explore the Fall canon so dive in. “Now and then you gotta…EXTRICATE!”

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