Review Revue: Cocteau Twins – Treasure

A lot of people seem to be digging on folky music with acoustic guitars and stomping and clapping and harmony vocals these days. And I get that, I do. Especially as the weather warms, there’s something about these sounds that just feels comforting and right. I will certainly be at the Northwest Folklife Festival this weekend, soaking up my fair share of rootsy goodness. But I’d like to make the case for the ethereal, synthesizer-drenched sounds of the Cocteau Twins as the perfect soundtrack for the summer. As the KCMU DJs seemed to recognize almost unanimously, this band created a compelling sound all their own, never to be imitated. While you won’t find anyone sitting on their back porch belting out a Cocteau Twins song any time soon, the coolness of their production, mixed with Elizabeth Fraser’s spine-tingling, inscrutable vocalizations, would go perfectly with a late night drive in the summer, or at the tail end of a long, hot barbecue, as the guests split off into small knots and start talking about their feelings, or the universe, or what the hell Ms. Fraser is saying.

So sure, kick off your Memorial Day BBQ with something upbeat and old-timey, but think about winding it down with the “absolutely beautiful” sounds of the Cocteau Twins.

“Absolutely beautiful — on 4AD IMPORT.”

“This is so fucking gorgeous.”

“Liz is GOD!”

“Beats the hell out of Let’s Active.”

“Ummm… more!”

“Obviously, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. It just so happens that this opinion is wrong. [Here is an arrow pointing off to the left, where there is no label. Perhaps the offending opinion was expunged from the record — literally.] Also: even though it’s just a figure of speech, asking ‘somebody’ to steal a record is irresponsible. Instead, why don’t you donate a record that you love.”

“Yes, mom!”

“It’s mother, dear!”

“If you kids don’t stop arguing, I”m not letting you stay up till 10 tonight!”

“Yes, dad! Nyaha!”

“‘Donimo’ is very scratched — as is ‘Otterly.’ Don’t play.”

“Some of the best music going down on vinyl these days.”

“I even like it — whaddaya know…”

“This is fuckin’ great. Can’t get enough.”

“Good morning!”

“Fuckin kooll.”

“The voice of the woman I wish to bear my children.”

“What a fucking (do pardon) stupid comment.”

“Who did that to this precious album???? Spot???”

“Still amazing. 3-11-86.”

“Still orgasmic. 1-2-90.”


“2nd only to Garlands.”

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  1. Cosby
    Posted May 27, 2011 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    “…you won’t find anyone sitting on their back porch belting out a Cocteau Twins song any time soon…”

    No one is able to do Fraser’s vocals justice.

    This album beats Emmet Otter’s Ballard Jug-Band every day of the week, every week of the year, and every year until the end of time. Hippie hipsters fall back.

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