Thursday News Roundup

  • If you like rock music, then you’ve heard of Les Paul. The pioneer behind the solid-body electric guitar has influenced basically all of rock and roll since his birth, today in 1915. In his honor, Google Doodle has erected a memento in the form of a recordable set of guitar strings in their browser — such as this “Such Great Heights”-sounding composition. Make your own, send them to friends, and remember Les Paul.

  • Other than for his music, Moby hasn’t seen a whole lot of press in recent years. That all changed earlier this week when the electronic musician was electrocuted at an acoustic set in Amsterdam. In the video below, witness Moby inexplicably collapse while a mob of photographers watch, unperturbed. He remains unconscious for about a minute, with no one seeming to give a damn, until he finally wakes and continues with the set. Later, on his twitter, Moby wrote: “Thanks for coming to the acoustic show. I apologize for being electrocuted.”

  • When you’re wealthy, it’s generally best not to complain about the government taking a bit of your money. Unfortunately, nobody told Grammy-winning singer Adele, who recently railed against her taxation. “I’m mortified to have to pay 50 percent!” the artist told Q Magazine, adding “When I got my tax bill in from ’19,’ [her debut album] I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire.” Naturally, this didn’t endear her to the common people, stirring up Twitter accounts in an online backlash. But this hasn’t stopped the singer from having fun with her stardom, as she’s purportedly joined forces with fellow pop star Lily Allen to prank call various celebrities. It’s a hard knock life.

  • In what seems like a premise for one of their videos, Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz, a.k.a. Ad-Rock, posted on his Tumblr account about how he faced an angry SpongeBob in the subway trying to pull one on of the oldest scams, the broken watch. Writes Horovitz, “he shows me some bullshitty watch on his wrist and he’s like… / yo. you broke my fuckin’ watch! you owe me 500 dollars. / he started getting real close and all in my personal space. / before i could react to what he was saying i was like / ‘oh shit! i know this dude. wait.. wait.. uuhhh…’ / then the train kinda stopped quick and he fell back against the doors and i was like / ‘fuck you Sponge Bob’. he kinda shrugged it off and walked to the next car.” Later, the gentleman in the SpongeBob suit was busted by an undercover officer and Ad-Rock waited to catch the indignity of his “perp walk” with his phone camera. Only in New York!
  • More Brits are making headlines, this time with the sadrocking Coldplay being handed accusations of plagiarism. After the release of their new single “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” rabid music fans noticed stark similarities to 1990 dance single “Ritmo de la Noche.” Much to the haters’ dismay, however: Chris Martin & co. have confirmed that they obtained legal permission to use the track. Additionally, “Ritmo” writers Peter Allen and Adrienne Anderson are both credited on the Coldplay single. This isn’t the first time Coldplay have legally lifted entire riffs from older songs. Of course, M.I.A. could tell you it’s not that uncommon.
  • Since its announcement, Bon Iver‘s self-titled sophomore album has garnered more than enough press. We’ve heard “Calgary,” but that seemed like just a teaser. Now, you can cut through the hype and listen the the entire album, start to finish, with the widget below. Swoon over that falsetto, swoon!

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