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For years now, I’ve been broadcasting an Independence Day special show called Soul Freedom. It aired on Wednesday during The Roadhouse, but with the miracle of audio technology and the inter-webs, you can hear this 3-hour show right now, or anytime over this Holiday weekend. It’s the perfect soundtrack for you’re 4th of July party plans. Just light the grill, slip into some hot pants, bust out the Slip & Slide, hit “play”, and you’re there!

The selection is strictly from 1965-1976 and it’s all good. There’s even time-period novelties thrown in the mix from people like Jimmy Walker (“dyn-o-mite!”), George Carlin as the Hippie Dippy Weatherman, a James Brown PSA (“don’t do drugs, cuz they’re Super Bad…”) and the classic, old radio ad from Nashville DJ John R for a Swing Soul Medallion (“wear it with everything, it looks beautiful hanging on a 32″ gold chain”)! It’s a must hear.

And since this show celebrates not only soul and funky freedom, what would the 4th be without food? This Holiday is all about cooking I got the songs to inspire you in the first hour — songs about potato salad, chitlins, turnip greens, ribs, and an unfortunate tale of a Harlem vegetable man who goes on strike in the super rare groove “Ain’t No Greens In Harlem” by The Vibrations. Again, a must hear.

In the second hour there’s a stoner set that captures the early ’70s spirit beautifully — songs about cheeba cheeba (The Harlem Underground) long-haired leaping nomes (Eric Burdon’s “Spill The Wine”) spaced cowboys (Sly Stone) and the hilarious ‘Mr Cool”, a profile of a bad mutha with “more glide in his stride and more dip in his hip” by Rasputin’s Stash.

Also there’s the Ike Turner produced song by The Family Vibes called “Garbage Man” that is another testament of the times — when there were positive portraits (TV shows too like Sanford & Son) about poor people! And the ghetto! Imagine that. “Garbage Man” is about a sanitation engineer crushing on a client and the treasures/gifts he finds for her in his trash collections — particularly an old TV with no picture tube “… but it’s got a heck of a sound”!

Plus there’s a ton of music from super people like Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Funkadelic, Candi Staton, Martha Reeves, Allen Toussaint, The Detroit Emeralds, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Little Beaver, War, George McCrae, Staple Singers, Shuggie Otis, Billy Preston, and the late great Gil Scott Heron.

It’s all here for ya, so keep the 8-track trackin’ and the boom box bangin’ this weekend. Happy 4th of July!

Listen Now!

P.S. Of course it’s live and the DJ (me) stumbles pretty badly out of the gate (the first set is completely botched with miscues and such!) but it’s soon pure gold. Be patient.

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