Live at the Capitol Hill Block Party, Day 3: Brothers From Another

photos by Brittney Bush Bollay

The contagious stylings of two Seattle hip hop’s newer MCs, Goonstar and Breez, hit listeners in the form of Brothers from Another, part of the Members Only collective, a record label and underground music promoter. Their youthful sound heavily influences the way they whip and swirl their lyrics with melodies are reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest. Their tracks are light-hearted odes to to living life to the fullest and making of it what they can in our fair Emerald City. Local establishments are frequently namedropped, including popular spots like Molly Moons and Mad Pizza, as the pair makes their weekend plans with open arms – the more the merrier. While Seattle rap favorite Macklemore tugs at your heartstrings, BFA tug at the sides of your mouth, pulling them upwards in an unmistakable smile.

While Explosions in the Sky deafened ears at the mainstage, festivalgoers looking for a less face-melting atmosphere clogged the Caffe Vita Bean Room for good-natured rhymes, as Brothers From Another took to the stage with the sun going down, cooling the otherwise broiling shack. Hands were in the air and dance moves were plentiful from the first bass hit of opener “No Shirt,” a summery groove that proved there was still life in the waning last day of festivities. “Q.O.L.” was a downtempo grinder that nonetheless filled the room with positive vibes, as a growing crowd got up close and personal.

“Neon Lights” saw the Bean Room hit what should have been official capacity (although, don’t tell anyone: wanderers still made it in) and the MCs whipped out their dancing shoes, chock-full of confidence and stage charisma beyond their years. The duo’s DJ twirled his mic and added backing vocals while spinning the beats, which thudded and rolled with the casual swagger of a producer who knows he’s what’s up.

Final song “Beeba Vision pt. 2″ name-dropped Rainier Ave and brought out the traditional arm-wave from a crowd entranced by the youngsters’ bouncy energy, a good omen for a band who looks like they should be doing homework. Even the sternest indie heads were caught bobbing to the struttin’ beats. If BFA is part of the future of the Northwest hip-hop scene, then the horizon is bright.

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