Bumbershoot Music Lounge 2011, Sunday: Davila 666

photos by Jim Bennett

The six members of Puerto Rico’s Davila 666 have described themselves as akin to “Menudo on drugs,” and it’s as an apt a descriptor as any. The 70’s-punk-obsessed collective combines Stooges-esque garage-rock fire with infrequent twee pop melodies. Fittingly, the band took their theatrical live performance (including themes, props, costumes, and dancers) on tour with Black Lips and The King Khan & BBQ Show. 2011 sees the release of the band’s second full-length, Tan Bajo, and it’s even stormier and livelier than their past incarnations. The language barrier is nearly nonexistent (everybody speaks punk rock), as the shout-along choruses are indecipherably catchy while the guitars delve into sonic chaos. Their nearest relatives may well be the gypsy punk icons Gogol Bordello, whose renowned live shows sway crowds to scream along lyrics in their native Romany, overlooking any idea as to what the lyrics could mean. Whatever the case, KEXP’s secret stage at the Bumbershoot Music Lounge plays host to the fiery rockers.

And did they ever rock. These kids are crazy animals, rambunctious clowns, constantly spitting. They put on a set of messy punk-rock, oftentimes including 6-part sing-along vocals. The crowd followed right along, everyone moving in one way or another, seated or standing. Their songs often ended abruptly, allowing the members of Davila 666 to goof off on the mic in-between songs (this included mock scream-o vocals, random Spanish slang, belching and other general debauchery). During “La Killer Bitch,” a brief pause in the music allowed one of the band members to voice a fart into the microphone. These kids are touring America and just being weird, quasi-offensive youngsters — what’s not to love about this band?

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