Review Revue: Head of David – LP

I’ve often compared these album cover review sessions to internet forums in their tendency to breed argument, and here is another perfect case. No one seems to disagree about the quality of the music on this LP, Head of David’s debut full-length, LP, but they still have to come up with something to fight and snipe back and forth about. It seems to all end with smiles and no hard feelings, but it does make you wonder if some people — college DJs and music nerds in general, for instance — just need to argue, even with people they agree with.

As far as the record goes, just by reading these descriptions I could tell this was yet another band that I would curse myself for not having listened to since my teenaged years. The impeccable noise-merchant Justin Broadrick (then of Napalm Death, later of Godflesh and Jesu) would join the band before their next record, so while this album doesn’t feature him, it is the one that got him interested, and I can certainly hear why.

“Heavy in every sense of the word – the best debut EVER. White Bastard = Slow Sonic Death. Smears = Loud Sonic Death. I’ll Fall at Your Feet = Fast Sonic Death. You can’t fucking lose. Infinite crunch factor.”

“Loud and heavy, that’s for sure.”

“Technically, their EP Dogbreath was their debut, Phil. You fucking lose, ya bonehead. Pay up!”

“Yeah! Dave!”

“Hey. I KNOW. but the same 5 songs on Dogbreath are here. And it’s a debut LP that’s a little more available than the EP. Stop whining.”

“Having heard your voice on the radio, I must point out that it is clearly you who whines, Phil, not me.”

“Stop that.”

“Oh it’s OK — everyone’s gotta know how ignorant I am and DR might as well point it out…”

“Phil — thank you for finally showing a sense of humor. I will still reserve the right to pick on you, but I will try not to.”

“Thanks Dave.”

“What’s this doing here; I thought I left it at home. And why didn’t I get to review this? After all, they’re my court minstrels. Hey, but aren’t they good? Makes you want to break the Peter Broggs record.” [Ah, I love when we cross paths with previous installments!]

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