2011 Fall Membership Drive: Nice Shirt!

Music lovers unite at the Ballard Farmers Market

When my husband and I were in college, we occupied much of our time going to shows and much of our expendable income on t-shirts from the merch table. As a result, we’d often meet up to find ourselves dressed identically, or at least displaying an affinity for the same band.

You might think that this issue would fade as we entered adulthood (especially since we live together now). But, after years of donating to KEXP, we have an arsenal of apparel featuring all kinds of “I Power KEXP” images, from jellyfish to hot rods. So we often still find ourselves leaving the house as mirror images of one another.

Admittedly, it used to be kind of embarrassing, but we’ve both come to embrace it as a badge of pride. In fact, we often run into people around town wearing KEXP gear, too, and it doesn’t feel like someone stole our style — it feels like we’re meeting old friends. “Nice shirt,” is a great opening line when you’re wearing the same one.

Last week, a long-time donor named Elizabeth sent us this photo from the Ballard Farmers Market, where she and her husband Patrick ran into a couple of friends. They had to laugh, as all four of them were wearing KEXP t-shirts.

We hear from donors across the world that find comfort — and even joy — when they see fellow music lovers sporting a KEXP t-shirt or displaying a KEXP sticker on their car. It creates an instant connection, because you know that person cares about music and discovery as much as you do. It’s a pretty outstanding way to identify fellow members of the KEXP Community, whether you’re at the market or traveling in a foreign country.

In addition to our love of music, my husband and I dig vintage video games, so, of course, we both covet the latest I Power KEXP “Arcade Game” t-shirt. I’ll just think of it as an early start to our golden years– wearing matching KEXP swag is way cooler than matching tracksuits, anyway.

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