2011 Fall Membership Drive: The Awesomest Thing in the History of Awesome Things

All week long, we’ve heard why you power KEXP: because the unique mix of music provides the soundtrack to your day; because you rely on KEXP to be an independent voice for community; and because you hear music on KEXP that you rarely hear anywhere else. Stories have been pouring in from around the globe, telling us just how much the music matters:

Allison in Kenmore: “I work from home, and often you are the only voices I hear through my day. Thank you for keeping me company and continually introducing me to great new music.”

Jeff in Maple Leaf: “I travel all over the world for work and KEXP is my constant companion, from Hong Kong to Dubai and back to Maple Leaf. There is a large KEXP sticker prominently displayed on my bag and it is not unusual to get a shout-out in line at customs or at a hotel check-in desk.”

Lisa in Calgary, AB: “I discovered KEXP only about a month ago while looking for music videos on You Tube but now listen almost every day on my computer at work. I would feel guilty for not supporting something that I that advantage of so frequently. I have also discovered some AMAZING bands because of KEXP and for that I am forever grateful.”

And, finally, Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion and well-known smarty-pants, tweeted while listening to a particularly creative set on Larry’s Lounge: “Seattle’s KEXP is spinning only 2-minute songs until 1am. This is the awesomest thing in the history of awesome things.”

If anyone knows a little something about history, it’s Ken Jennings… you can’t argue with that! Everyone has their reason for powering KEXP… what’s yours?

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  1. no more
    Posted October 8, 2011 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    the world would be a better place without the word awesome.

    stop. using. it.

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